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K-drama tour: ‘My love from the stars’ locations

K-drama tour: ‘My love from the stars’ locations

Today, I introduce you to the film location of 2014’s no.1 K-drama ‘My Love From the Stars’. It would be fun to enjoy Seoul, following ‘My Love From the Stars’ locations.

Course 1. Seoul Museum of Art


Seoul Museum of Art is Seoul’s representative public art museum. Visitors can view artworks and take photo against the background of modern architecture and beautiful outdoor garden.


Scene: Filming location for the scene where in Doh Min Joon, who is taking a stroll with lawyer Jang, receives unexpected phone call from Cheon Song Yi.


Course2 Yurimmyeon


As a noodle house with 50 year’s tradition, Yurimmyeon is a famous restaurant among office workers nearby as well as among tourists. Try savory noodle dish that comes with rich soup, fish cake, and chewy noodles.



Scene: Doh Min Joon found this noodle house when Cheon Song Yi said she wanted to have hot noodle.


Course 3 Seoul N Tower


Standing 236.7 meters of height, this is the 10th tallest tower of the world. You can enjoy panoramic view of Seoul from the tower.



Scene: Seoul N Tower where the drama couple swore their lasting love.


Course 4 National Theater of Korea


The National Theater of Korea is the center of Korean performing arts with 60 year’s history. It holds various performances each month and offers performing arts experience programs for visitors.



Scene: In the last episode of My Love From the Stars, Doh Min Joon and Cheon Song Yi share a romantic kiss in front of the National Theater of Korea.

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