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Korean weather: four seasons

Korean weather: four seasons

Korean weather: four seasons


One very strong characteristic of Korea is definitely the distinct four seasons. It can be quite significant different from other asian countries, in that sense. Every year it might change a little but there is a strong pattern in which each season is very different from each other and last about three months.


IMG_1041 IMG_0379

The most difficult season to deal by far would be winter. From early december until the end of february it is very cold and dry. Usually starts snowing on december, but it melts quickly.

Winter in Korea means basically freezing when you are outside and being warm (or even too hot) when you are inside. Their ondo/heating system is considered a winter plus. Many pipes lie beneath the floor and hot water (or hot air) runs through the pipes making the floor warm. For that reason, it can get very dry and you will also need a humdifier to go along.

Temperatures can go down to -15oC. Average temperature goes from 5oC to about -5oC, but it actually feels like -9oC, and so on, as it goes down.


IMG_2756 IMG_2688(1)

You know there is a light at the end of the tunel when you start seeing those naked trees getting leaves again, and than you realize spring is coming!

It usually announces its arrival with those beautiful yellow flowers along streets and highways. Spring starts a little chilli but will slowly get warmer and many other flowers will also make their appearance.

The most expected is probably the cherry blossom. A bad thing about spring is that around here it comes with the yellow dust from China. The winds carry sand from de chinese desert making the air not the best to breath, and so many koreans would wear face masks to protect themselves from it.


summer2 IMG_5600

Around june until august you will realize how extreme korean weather can be. Summer here is hot and humid. Extremely. End of june you will have the summer rain period, that will go until the mid of july. Temperatures can go up to 38oC!


IMG_8866 IMG_8987

My favorite season (in Korea) would be Autumn, because it is right after the wild hot summer and you just feel like you are finally getting some fresh cold air. The weather is cooler and dryer, but still very preasant, warm enough and also sunny.

The most beautiful thing you will find are the colors of this season. Leaves change colors and by the end of the season you get to see them falling which is also a nice picture.



Pick you season and enjoy!

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