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Korean Winter Street Foods

Korean Winter Street Foods

Korean Winter Street Foods


And once again, just like every year, winter is fast approaching South Korea. Although winter in Korea properly lasts for only approximately three months, it does get cold and brutal. Temperature wise, it may not be anywhere near Siberia, but the cold winds may feel tough to bear regardless. On such days, you will want to keep warm at all costs, whether that means staying indoors or wearing thermal clothing while outside. It is also the season when you’ll want to indulge in hot beverages and mouth burning foods. If there has ever been a time for you to get absolutely stuffed with street food, then winter in Korea is it. Though you can eat most of the food offered by these street food vendors all around the year, it definitely seems as if these vendors are specifically selling them with winter season in mind. So what kind of street foods are there that are best to enjoy during winter in Korea?


Hotteok (호떡)

Let’s begin with the number one Korean winter street food. Hotteok, otherwise known as a sweet Korean pancake, is the winter street food that people will gladly queue in a long line for when the weather gets cold. Your fingers and hands will get warm just from holding the treat in your hands, but it’s your mouth and stomach that will get the biggest portion of the happiness by actually getting to taste it. Though the outside of the hotteok is crunchy, on the inside it’s all sweet and gooey, stuffed with a combination of brown sugar, cinnamon powder, and nuts or seeds. And for those who prefer savory treats, these days many stands also sell versions of hotteok that are stuffed with meat, vegetables, or cheese.


Bungeobbang (붕어빵)

Close second, Bungeobbang is sold all around the year, but it gets especially popular during the cold winter days. It is a fish shaped pastry snack, typically filled with red bean paste. However, these days you can also find it with alternate fillings, such as chocolate, in case you fall among the minority that does not like red beans.


Gunbam (군밤)

Roasted chestnuts are among the favorite snacks in the winter for Koreans. It’s easy to find a vendor selling them in every neighborhood, and while the idea of them may sound odd at first, you’ll be surprised by just how tender they are to eat, as well as just how tasty they can be. While it won’t be able to substitute a meal, it’s great to snack on as you walk or if you’ll be sitting on the public transportation for a while.


Gyeranbbang (계란빵)

Another popular street food all around the year, gyeranbbang, in other words the egg bread, is an amazing savory and hot snack to warm your insides with during the cold season. It is incredibly affordable, and sold by several vendors, often alongside with other street foods. In essence, it is a small piece of bread, with egg cooked into the middle, and it is perfect for breakfast alongside with your steaming hot coffee.

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