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The Latest Food Craze in South Korea: BBQ Lamb Skewers

The Latest Food Craze in South Korea: BBQ Lamb Skewers

As the Korean palate is constantly opening to new tastes , a whole new food has kicked off in South Korea – Lamb. For years and years, Lamb and Mutton were always passed up by Korean due to it being too strong, too smelly, and when you think go lamb, you think cute baby lambs skipping around the pasture. Koreans only really ever ate beef, chicken, pork and duck sometimes with dog meat being very occasionally consumed. But due in part to the ever growing Korean-Chinese contingent, More and more people have being getting to lamb.201410060629269296

Anyhow, Lamb skewers are delciious, and you believe the reasons why some of your Korean friends might hate it While some Korean friends like it, others refuse to even take in the smell of it, which they often desscribe as not tasting fresh. Is this a Korean thing? How do you feel about lamb? It’s completely amazing I think, but maybe I am just weird.lamb-skewers-and-spicee

Where to eat lamb skewers in Korea? Lamb Skewers place can be easily spotted if you learn this hanja (Chinese character): 串. That funny thing is that the character itself really does indeed look like a skewer! I’ve seen plenty of these places at Sinnonhyeon back streets, around Konkuk University, and also in Suwon! And know these days its even eaiser to find if you can read and understand basic Korean. Yang gochi is what you should be able to read.  I have been to a couple lamb skewers places lately, and I’d like to share the information with you guys. If you never tried it, I recommend you give it a try! Lamb meat is very tasty, with a strong taste that cannot be confused with any other meat!

Make sure you have put the lamb skewers on the grill correctly or they won’t turn. Take note of how to do it and how not to do it with these two pictures:howtocook

After the meat is well done, you can place all of the skewers on the upper part of the grill, to avoid overcooking or burning. Meanwhile, grab your first skewer and dig in!lamb-skewerd-prepared

The normal cost for skewers in Korea usually costs around W10,000 for 10. Minimum order ranges between 10 and 20, so it’s better to go accompanied, unless you are one hungry hippo on a given day. And if you want to try more Chinese food besides the skewers, go in a group.

People who are fed up of regular BBQ and want to challenge their taste buds a little should go to a lamb skewer restaurant. You enjoy lamb in a fairly relaxed atmosphere.img_0821

People with toddlers should find something else to eat. Lamb is too tough for the young ones to chew and digest.

Some places to try:


Fantastic Lamb Skewers for just 12,000won. By rule you have to order 2 servings to start. Enjoy grilling them at the table, but you can ask for them to be pre-grilled. Chinese liquor is also on demand! You can find it here at 4-11 Jayang 4(sa)-dong, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul.

As a matter of fact, While Maehwa-banjeon is really really good. In the area of Ja-yang dong, there is a whole host of Lamb skewers places for you to check out. The area is called “Lamb Skewers Row”, To get to “lamb skewer row” get out at Konkuk University Subway Station Line 2, Exit 6 and walk straight for three blocks until you reach an intersection that has yellow traffic lights and a sign that reads “Noyu-gil.”


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