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Lotus Lantern Festival for Buddha’s Birthday – Wish each other’s happiniess

Lotus Lantern Festival for Buddha’s Birthday – Wish each other’s happiniess


May 25th is Buddha’s Birthday! That day is national holiday in Korea and many people, even non believer, visit temples scattered around the country to celebrate Buddha’s Birthday.

To enjoy the day more specially and learn Buddha’s teachings, The Lotus Lantern Festival will take place from May 15 – 26th in the Jogyesa Temple, Ujeongguk-ro and Gwanghwamun areas.




Lantern is a special object in Buddhism because there is a Buddhist saying that goes: “Please attain Buddhism in your next lifetime by lighting a lantern in this life.” The saying is being realized by this festival.

▶Major events



[Exhibition of Traditional Lanterns]

lotus lantern 5

lotus lantern 6

lotus lantern 7

May 15 ~ May 26

Jogye-Sa and Bongeun-Sa, ones of the most famous temples in Seoul are holding a special exhibition of traditional lanterns. You can browse through large and small, colorful lanterns made by devoted Buddhists.

Another way to enjoy lanterns is by visiting Cheonggyecheon, or Cheonggye Stream. The narrow stream will be decorated with numerous lanterns, creating dream-like atmosphere. Large lanterns will be placed on several platforms in the middle of the stream, perfect to take photos with or simply walk.



[Lantern Parade]

lotus lantern 4

lotus lantern 3

The main event of the festival is the Lantern Parade. The parade features a luminous sea of lights as countless people march from Dongdaemun to Gwangwamun Plaze with handheld lanterns.

As it allows everybody to enjoy, the participants are more than welcome to walk along the parade.



[Traditional Cultural Events]

buddha's birthday

buddha's birthday2 buddha's birthday4

buddha's birthday3


The traditional cultural events will take place on the street in front of Jogye-sa temple. The whole street will full of interesting and educational booth set up by Bhddhists. Participants will be able to make lotus lanterns of their own, sample temple food, play folk

Visitors will also be able to experience Buddhist counseling and meditation to soothe the mind.



▶<2015 Schedule>

 Event  Time  Place
 Exhibition of Traditional Lanterns  5.15(Fri) ~ 5.26(Tues)  Jogye-sa,  Bongeun-sa Temples / Cheonggye-cheon Stream
 Eoullim Madang (Buddhist Cheer Rally)  5.16(Sat) 3:30~  Dongguk University Stadium
 Lantern Parade  5.16(Sat) 6:00~ pm  Jongno Street (Dongdaemun ~ Jogye-sa Temple)
 Hoehyang Hanmadang (Post Parade Celebration)  5.16(Sat) 9:30~11:00 pm Gwanghwamun plaza
(Subway Line 5, Gwanghwamun Station)
 Traditional Cultural Events  5.17(Sun) noon~7:00pm  Street in front of Jogye-sa Temple
 Cultural Performances  5.17(Sun) noon~6:00pm  Performance Stage on the street in front of Jogye-sa Temple
 Yeondeungnori (Final Celebration)  5.17(Sun) 7:00~9:00pm  Insa-dong ~ Street in front of Jogye-sa Temple
 Buddha’s Birthday Dharma Ceremonay & Lantern Lighting  5.25(Mon) 10:00am  Jogye-sa Temple and all temples nationwide

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