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Top 5 Lovely Places for a Date

Top 5 Lovely Places for a Date

Valentine’s Day had just gone by, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t bring your loved one to places where both of you can have a good date. As the saying goes, when couples love each other, everyday is Valentine’s Day. So, what’s the big deal with February 14th? Rather then being surrounded by a huge crowd and jam-packed everywhere on that day, why not a quiet date for the both of you during the “off-season”. Here are some places where you can head to for a romantic date and spend some quality time together.

1. Blind Restaurant


Located in Geondae, this is a great place for couples to have an extraordinary experience. You’re not allowed to bring anything into the restaurant except yourself, thus this gives you quality time to talk, listen and spend with your loved one. One thing that will make you feel exhausted is that you may drain your energy from trying to eat and drink in the total darkness.

2. Cheongyecheon Stream


One of my favorite places for a stroll. Cheongyecheon stream is a quiet (though it may get packed on some days) and peaceful place to have a date. Take a walk, or just sit at the side of the stream and dip your foot in the water (don’t try in the winter) while having a conversation with your partner is one of the best feeling you can ever get!

3. Namsan Tower / Seoul Tower


Namsan Tower, or Seoul Tower, is very popular among Korean couples, and of course foreign visitors. You can see thousands of locks hung on the fences and the “trees” with wishes written by the couples themselves. I bet you might find the same names on some of the locks too, with different partners. So how about bringing your beloved one here and put a lock on the fence to “lock your love” for each other and leave a memorable memory in each other’s life?

4. Yeouido


If Cheonggyecheon Stream is too lame for you, then, you may want to visit Yeouido. It’s on the south side of Hangang and you can enjoy a long walk or do other activities such as renting a bicycle, or skateboarding together with your date partner along the river.

5. Nami Island


This famous Nami Island is also one of the most popular spot for couples when they plan for a one day trip. Probably due to the drama “Winter Sonata”, many Korean couples go there to have some fun time together hand in hand, walking and enjoying the scenery this little island offers. Of course, not to miss out on those selfies too. It’s a really an interesting and great place to visit if you have a day to spare!

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