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Mix Your Korean Food With The Right Drink

Mix Your Korean Food With The Right Drink

Mix Your Korean Food With The Right Drink


Just as much as Koreans love their food, they also love their alcohol. Though there are Koreans that do not drink alcohol at all, often due to health related issues, there are incredibly many of them that love to have a drink or two, no matter what night of the week it is. And unlike the people in the Western countries, they especially love to have their drinks over some food. So much so that there are even certain foods that are associated with certain types of Korean alcohol, and the other way around.

Due to that, we are here today to introduce you some of the pairings, so that the next time you go out with your Korean friends, you’ll know how to combine them the ‘right’ way. Of course, all of this is just in good fun and not to be taken seriously, but these are pairings you should try out together at least once, we think!



Or kimchijeon, buchujeon, and so on. You get the gist. The two simply go so swell together that one wouldn’t even think to have one without the other! If you want to add in some mixing and matching, branch out to trying out different flavors of makgeolli, as more and more are coming out these days, including banana, green grapes, and even cheese. Many modern style makgeolli joints also make their own fruity combinations. Makgeolli with pajeon is also traditionally known to be the meal to have on a rainy day, so be sure to suggest going out for that with your Korean buddy the next time it rains!



This is another classic combo. So classic, in fact, that it even has its own nick name, 치맥 (chimaek), deriving from the first syllable of each word. There are tons of places and ways to do it, too. Each neighborhood has at least one fried chicken restaurant where you can go with your friends, or you can easily order fried chicken as home delivery to eat with your family or even with yourself. And yes, these days these delivery chicken restaurants even sell beer, so you won’t even need to get out of your apartment to shop at the convenience store! Chicken and beer is also a popular ‘snack’ for a picnic by the river.



While this combination isn’t as ‘traditional’ as the above two, in that it’s perfectly normal to also opt for just beer while out grilling your meat, it’s funnily enough the one you’ll probably do the most during your stay in Korea. That’s simply because of two things: Koreans love their meat, and Koreans love their soju. And, hey, what’s not to love, especially when put together? While it may get boring to eat like this every day, it’s a refreshing and relaxing way to catch up with your busy friends every once in a while.

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