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Mural Alley Seoul : Gangpul Cartoon Mural Alley

Mural Alley Seoul : Gangpul Cartoon Mural Alley

Mural Alley Seoul : Gangpul Cartoon Mural Alley



This (Gangpul Cartoon Mural Alley) is not a very well known or popular place to go, but definitely interesting to check out if you have the time.



IMG_0774 IMG_0773

IMG_0763 IMG_0779

Getting out at Gangdong Station (Line 5), southeast side of Seoul, you will come to this area that seems just like any other neighborhood. But here, you will find a whole series of comic/cartoon/drawings mural paintings allong the alley of Seongnae.



IMG_0772 IMG_0768

IMG_0784 IMG_0765

Get off at exit 4 and turn left after you see a Lotte Market, keep going down until you see the first cartoon and than just walk around and have fun discovering all the other ones on hidden walls.




Don’t forget to look up, somewhere around you will also get to see sculpted Homer and Marge Simpson on the rooftop of some small building. T



IMG_0780 IMG_0778

IMG_0777 IMG_0776

here are not much directions to find the paintings, which makes it harder but also maybe more fun when you get to find them. Just realized that unexpected ways can lead you to really nice surprises.



Bring you camera and have fun!

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