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Myeongdong: shop, shop and eat, eat, eat!

Myeongdong: shop, shop and eat, eat, eat!

Myeongdong: shop, shop and eat, eat, eat!



One of the most expensive areas to live nowadays in Seoul, this a very famous shopping district in the city.

Here you can find the popular stores, brand name shops as well as department stores, including Lotte, Shinsegae, Myeong-dong Migliore, Noon Square and M Plaza. It is considered a more affordable area for shopping than Apgujeong-dong or Cheongdam-dong.



IMG_0048 IMG_0032

People usually go to Myeongdong for clothes, shoes, accessories and also restaurants. You will find stores like UNIQLO, Forever 21, A-Land, Zara, GAP, Codes Combine, all the cosmetics shops like Body Shop, Missha, The Face Shop and Nature Republic, Converse, New Balance, etc etc.



boong twigimmyeongdong

Other than just shopping, here is the place where you can find many food stalls in the streets! You should try some of the fish cakes, tteokbokki, soondae, baked chestnuts and so on.

Other than snacks kind of food, there are lots of family restaurants, fast food, Korean, western and Japanese options of places to go. It is usually a very packed area, lots of foreigners and tourists, specially Japanese and Chinese. Specialties in this area includes pork cutlet and kalguksu (thick noodles).




Just in the heart of Myeongdong you may also find a CGV movie theater, on top of the building of UNIQLO store.

If you need any help or get lost, there is a tourist information center. Opening hours will vary from shop to shop, but usually goes until 10pm.




Have fun! Shop, shop, shop, eat, eat, eat! You will probably get out full and happy.



To get there, go to Myeong-dong Station (Seoul Subway Line 4), exit 5,6, 7 or 8. Or Eujiro Il-ga Station (Seoul Subway Line 2), and get off at exit 5.

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