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NICE HIKING SPOT IN SOUTH KOREA – Hike at Namhansanseong Park

NICE HIKING SPOT IN SOUTH KOREA – Hike at Namhansanseong Park

NICE HIKING SPOT IN SOUTH KOREA – Hike at Namhansanseong Park


Summer is coming, weather is getting warmer, I guess it’s time for some outdoor activities in order to enjoy the sunlight and regain your summer body as soon as possible. As being said, I found a nice spot for you to put on your shoes and train your legs this weekend!


The park’s full name is Namhansanseong Provincial Park, which is located at the southeast of Seoul. The history of this fortress dates back to the 600s of Korea, that is known as the Three Kingdoms period (namely Baekje, Silla and Goryeo). The fortress was built on the western edge of Namhansan mountain to protect Silla from Tang China and has been fortified in Joseon period in the 17th century. There used to be nine temples, various command posts and watch tower on this area and many of those have been restored for visiters and hikers to pay a visit. This place was designated as UNESCO World Heritage in 2014.


The amazing thing about this place is not only you can visit some historical heritages, you are also be able to enjoy the fresh natural forest, scenic views and various hiking trails of all levels. Below are 5 main hiking courses that I have collected for your reference.


  1. Sanseongjongno(Rotary) – The North Gate – The West Gate – Sueojangdae – Yeongchunjeong – The South Gate – Sanseongjongno(Rotary) (5km, take 1hr 45mins)
  2. Sanseongjongno(Rotary) – Yeongwoljeong – Sungyeoljeon – Sueojangdae – The West Gate – Gukcheongsa Temple – Sanseongjongno(Rotary) (4km, take1hr 20mins)
  3. Administration Office – Hyeonjeolsa Temple – Beolbong peak – Janggyeongsa Temple – Mangwonsa Temple – Jisudang – Administration Office (5km, 1hr 35mins)
  4. Sanseongjongno(Rotary) – The South Gate – Namjangdaeteo – The East Gate – Gaewonsa Temple – Sanseongjongno(Rotary) (4.5km, 1hr 30mins)
  5. Administration Office – The East Gate – Dongjangdaeteo – The North Gate – The West Gate – Sueojangdae – Yeongchunjeong – The South Gate – The East Gate (8km, 3hrs 5mins)


( Namhansanseong Park Map)


Since this is a huge area and there are many ways to explore, I could not visit everywhere on the map. I and my friend decided to go along the wall from the East Gate to pass Janggyeongsa temple, then we kept walking to The North Gate before we gave up and went down due to our hunger and exhaustion. Seemingly we picked the wrong way to hike for the first time but we enjoyed it very much. While hiking you can stop by many watch towers to enjoy the great view from Namhansan mountain. There are 4 gates called The West Gate, The North Gate, the South Gate and the East Gate whereas you can observe Kwangju city from above. You can also visit the temples and Haenggung Palae – which used to be designed as an emergency capital of the Joseon dynasty. The entrance fee for this palace would be 2,000won and it is closed on Mondays.


  • Research and choose your hiking course in advanced so you won’t get too tired and spend too much time to figure out directions and miss some worth-seeing attractions
  • Bring lots of water and maybe some snacks. For people who wants to explore the whole place, it would take you hours of walking and climbing stairs, so make sure you are well hydrated and have enough energy for the challenge.
  • Restaurants: there are many Korean traditional restaurant at the bottom of the mountain to enjoy various kinds of food. I would strongly recommend the Han-jeongsik, which is the Korean style full-course meal with everything you ever demand after the hike. Noted that it is a little bit pricey to eat here since the food would start from 10,000won per person.


  • By  Subway – Get off at Sanseong Station (Seoul Subway Line 8), Exit No. 2. Take City Bus No. 9, and get off at Namhansanseong bus stop. (Travel Time : 20 Min., Interval of Buses: 20 Min)
  • By Bus – Take 13-2 bus at Dongseoul bus terminal Gangbeun station and transfer to 15-1 bus at the entrance of Namhansanseong, get off at the last stop.





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