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Not Cheap But Must Try Restaurants in Gangnam

Not Cheap But Must Try Restaurants in Gangnam

Gangnam is chock to the block with great places to fill your tummy. The only downside to eating out in Gangnam is that there is no “food alleys” or exlusive areas for any one kind of food. Gangnam is quite spread out so a taxi to here and there might be required. But the plus side the restaurants are very good and worth your money. From seafood to many different fusion styles of Korean and International food, the restaurants provide quite authentic food with a great atmosphere. Some spots are modern and chic, while others are traditional and friendly. There will be something to match your acquired tastes. Here is some restaurants you can mark in your planner for you to try whenever you happen to stop by at Gangnam.

Better Than Beef

As comes with name of Better Than Beef. This restaurant specializes in pork belly particularly. The reason this spot is unique is because of the method used to select and serve pork. Its different in that unlike standard barbecue restaurants, Better Than Beef only deals in high quality pork. The pork is cooked in a way like steak is cooked, then itis prepared along with fried kimchi that is cooked with butter. Easily the most popular item you can find there is the original grilled samgyeopsal (pork belly), which comes with side dishes such as fresh salad with perilla dressing and mashed potato wish cheese. The restaurant’s has a wide selection of makgeolli (Korean rice wine) that adds a pleasant taste to the pork, making life just seem that little bit better.1461216698682243

Deli Heinzburg

A crazily popular and small deli bar that serves probably the best sandwiches and bread in the country. If you have ever lived in Korea, you know that finding decent bread is no easy task. This is due to the lack of ingredients to make it soft and fluffy. However, contrary to the popular belief that bread in South Korea has to be hard, Deli Heinzburg makes its bread fresh and airy. This deli prepares everything from the sauces to pickles, nothing is outsourced. Though the menu is massive and especially for newcomers it can seem overwhelming, the deli ensures that each meal ranging from a BLT sandwich to pasta and soups are made with loving care.

Al Buja

Al Buja translates as “rich roe”, which in turn con veys the restaurant’s commitment to serving the best food in Seoul. The restaurant is one of the most popular food joints in Gangnam, ask anyone in the know. Its menu has two main options: spicy steamed roe, and spicy steamed roe and seafood. Each dish is known for being spicy and hot, even for diners who have high tolerances when dealing with spicy dishes. Nevertheless, guests generally enjoy the meal with a bowl of fried rice that is mixed with spicy sauce. Since there is a long line of visitors must, expect to wait for at least half an hour. If food is worth the wait, you don’t mind the wait right?1361206883540

Chung Dam Il Mak

This is a premium location for social gatherings in Gangnam, Even well-known Korean celebrities frequent this restaurant and bar. Along with serving some of the best Asian cuisine they also offer Korean alcoholic beverages such as makgeolli and soju. The interior consists of a glass domed ceiling with beautiful décor that complements the nature of Korean drinking customs  ofmeet new people and bonding with friends over several drinks and food. Also sometimes there  live music performances by growing Korean underground artists from genres like jazz, alternative, indie, and even classic music that create a special experience for visitors looking for a memorable night out. in Gangnam

Gangnam Gyoja

A hidden restaurant located at the end of a dark street, Gangnam Gyoja is an authentic Korean eating gem known for its famous noodle dishes. On the menu there is only four options: kalguksu which is handmade, thinly cut noodle soup served with dumplings, stir-fried beef and chives, mandu which is nearly transparent, steamed dumplings filled with juicy pork, beef, vegetables, or tofu, bibimguksu which is cold buck wheat noodles served in spicy, sweet, and sour sauce and kongguksu which is thinly sliced, soft noodles in a large bowl of cold soy milk. Gangnam Gyoja has limitless servings of kimchi for patrons.

Norang Jeogori

A family run restaurant that has a traditional Korean ambiance through its grand presentation of assorted country-style side dishes alongside its main courses. Norang Jeogori translates as yellow jeogori, which is known as the upper garment of the traditional hanbok. Since its title comes from a customary Korean article, the restaurant displays its purpose and commitment to inviting guests to taste and experience the storied dining customs of Korean culture. At Norang Jeogori, visitors can enjoy themselves with amazing company while simultaneously experiencing and learning about the diverse flavors, ingredients and combinations of multiple vegetable and meat dishes that have been created then perfected throughout South Korea’s history. 583838_image2_1


Goraebul is an authentic Korean seafood restaurant. The named of “gorebul” comes from the coastal neighbourhood of a northern end of the Gyeongsang province from where the restaurant’s seafood ingredients are sourced. The name can be translated as ‘whale fire. Thanks to the fresh ingredients, Goraebul is able offer guests raw seafood dishes whale, abalone, octopus, and flatfish and many more. Though the consumption of raw products is considered a dangerous risk to a persons health, eating raw seafood has long been  common practice in Korea, and to this day still very popular.Goraebul_feast

Byeokjae Galbi

A very well known restaurant that is remains popular among locals and tourists alike, Byeokjae Galbi serves a wide variety of Korean barbecue meats such as galbi which is marinated short rib beef and bulgogi which is grilled marinated beef. The unique aspect of the restaurant is that it specifically procures its meat from local and regional sources that feed their Korean cows organically. Though such cows cost way more than the average imported beef, the owners of the eatery are committed to offer guests the highest quality of meat. Dining at Byeokjae Galbi is expensive, due to the high quality of the meat. But even still, the quality overall makes this worth the visit.1424781752620747

Gae Hwa Oak

A Gangnam based restaurant that presents uncomplicated, traditional options in a spacious dining room, Gae Hwa Oak dedicates itself to providing guests with familiar Korean cuisine in a friendly and comfortable manner. The restaurant specializes in pork, beef as well as seafood dishes such as bossam which is pork shoulder, bulgogi which is marinated grilled beef, chadolbagi which is thin strips of beef, and raw oysters with a tiny smudging of tart lemon sauce. Each plate is made only with fresh, traditional Korean ingredients from local sources. Gae Hwa Ok has about 80 different kinds of traditional Korean wine that complement the tastes of authentic Korean cuisine on offer for guests.073


Philkyungjae  serves full course meals that only kings and royalty once ate long ago. Because the establishment was once home to Prince Gwangpyeong, the owner made the decision to have a menu of what Korean royalty used to eat. Due to the historical significance of the location, the owner had a deep desire to preserve the royal dining customs and introduce such traditions to tourists and locals both. Philkyungjae also displays one of the most exquisite and spectacular gardens you will possibly ever see at a restaurant. As a result of this, Philkyungjae is one of the most popular locations for special occasions.7

Enjoy and leave a comment if there is other places you believe are worth a mention.


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