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Nuri Peace Park

Nuri Peace Park

If you have been living under a rock, you would think Seoul is Korea full stop but if you can get away from the lure of places like Hongdae and Gangnam then you will realize there is so much more to Korea than just Seoul. Although Seoul seems to be the place to be for nearly anything that is going on in Korea actually it is just a fraction of what is truly wonderful about Korea, there are many great things to see and do in Korea not just Seoul that few people ever experience because they are unaware of its existence. Not far off from the DMZ and just 100 meters from Imjingang Station in Gyeonggi-do, there is this beautiful unification park called Nuri Peace Park.DSC_0511

Imjingang Station and Nuri Peace Park are beside the town of Imjingang which is just on the edge of the DMZ. The town was built a couple decades ago just after the Korean War armistice and stands as a symbol for hope that one day off in the future reunification between the two Koreas will finally take place. Since the theme of reunification is so prevalent around the area, Nuri Peace Park finished construction in 2005 as part of the Global Peace Festival sponsored by Gyeonggi-do.IMG_8731

In Seoul, you cannot find a space that is so wide and open like at Nuri Peace Park and even if you do then it feels smaller than it should due to the high number of people occupying the area. This Park is a great place to go for the day to run around, let loose, or to just simply hang out under the shade of a tree with your family and friends and take in that mighty gulp of fresh air. If you bring your own snacks, you can have a picnic-style gathering, so make sure to pack enough of kimbap and beer!08.06.28임진각151

There’s actually a family of wild ducks that keeps a home nearby to the outdoor stage which floats on water.  every Sunday, At this outdoor stage,  You can take in some high-quality performances and relax and put your feet up while enjoying movies of various genres that are shown on the screen throughout the day, every day. These cultural events bring a sense of peace and enjoyment to the onlookers even though they are so close to the spot where the pain and suffering of separated families still remains to this day.임진각_관광주간_2015-관광주간_평화누리_자유의-다리_파주-여행_파주-가볼만한곳_파주관광_IMG_0613-20150509-20150509-230450

Nuri Peace Park is a 2 hour bus ride up north of Seoul, and if your interest is on the up in visiting the park, please take note that there are no private cars or taxi services allowed to the park or the town of Imjingang because of its closeness to the DMZ, so catching a bus to get to there is ideal.

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