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One Mount Snow Park

One Mount Snow Park

Located inside the Hallyu World and KINTEX Land in Seo-gu, Ilsan, Onemount is the largest multi-cultural space in the northwest metropolitan region. It is housed in three buildings with two underground floors and nine aboveground floors. This place is massive. With the Aim of being the best playground in the world, Onemount features a shopping mall, snow park, water park, and a members-only luxury sports club while also organizing various performances, events, and parties all year round. 32275_22289_917

Onemount Snow park is an indoor winter theme park, the very first of its kind to ben seen in Korea. A variety of entertainment programs are organized on snow and ice. The snow park features a Santa Village with a North European concept, unique sledding like dog sleds, an ice lake with exciting and fun activities like ice bowling, ice road with seven themed caves and thrilling, fantastic rides, and a snow hill where visitors can enjoy snow sledding under the snow that falls year round. This is the world’s first theme park where visitors can watch aurora and ice shows at the Fairy Tale Village which is made of ice.30

In particular the Artic sled dogs should catch your interest. Arctic sled dogs are right at home in this environment. Sled dogs draw sleds only three times a day. When they’re not rollicking in Snow Park, they rest and eat highly nutritious fresh chicken breast and drumsticks for breakfast and dinner. So you want to ride the dog sled, but you’re concerned that you may be too heavy for sled dogs? No need to worry about it! Each dog sled is super strong and can draw up to 400Kg roughly. The Snow Park never forces sled dogs to draw sleds. There is only the bond between the sled dogs’ desire to run and the Mushers.l_2014120701000446800026626

As for ticket prices: All day tickets are 25,000KRW on the weekday and 30,000KRW on the weekend. With admission possible from 10am. And for the case of Afternoon tickets, It is 13,000KRW on the weekdays and 15,000KRW on the weekends. With admission ok from 2pm. Pretty decent if you ask me.

Obviously you should make sure to wear warm clothes. Try to consider others and sing quietly if you get an urge to belt out a song. And try to not smoke or drink alcohol on the premise no matter how hard the temptation is. Use the rental skates and basically the overall message is to be an angel.

  • Free for infants under 36 months old (documentary evidence (certified copy of resident registration) is required) (However, exceptions are made for group events.)
  • Children : 36 months old ~ 6th grade in elementary school (for identification, the medical insurance card and other documentary evidence are required.)
  • Buy a one-day ticket to access and use facilities. (Additional payment may be required for some facilities.)
  • Re-entry to the Snow Park is not allowed.
  • Place valuables in the safe deposit boxes provided.
  • Wear warm clothes and gloves to enjoy the cool temperatures in Snow Park. Just to double check!
  • No food is allowed inside the premises in consideration of all guests.
  • However, patient food, baby food and water are allowed (No bottled water).No other food is allowed inside the

The steps to unlimited fun are:

  • Buy admission tickets at the ticket booth
    Purchase tickets at the ticket booth on the first floor.
    Admission to the Water Park and Snow Park is on a first-come first-served basis. 
    Restrictions may apply when the maximum capacity is reached.
  • Take the escalator to the 2nd floor
    The entrance to the Snow Park is on the 2nd floor.
    Touch the admission ticket to the gate sensor for admission.

    Prohibted articles and foods

    No mats are allowed inside.
    Only patient food, baby food and water are allowed (NO bottled water).
    No other food is allowed inside the premises.
  • It’s coooool year-round.
    Have maximum fun at Onemount Snow Park!

You can check out what is fully on offer for your money by checking the homepage.

As a gift from Onemount Snow Park, they are offering a 50% discount coupon for all foreign customers. By printing out this image, you will be able to enter either the Water Park or Snow Park for half (50%) price.onemount_coupon

There is lots more to do so make sure to have everything you wanted to do checked off your checklist.

Have fun!

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