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4 popular picnic parks in Seoul

4 popular picnic parks in Seoul

Have you heard that Spring is the best season to pack for for a great outdoor picnic with your loved ones? After the long cold winter, Spring is now taking over where the weather starts to warm up real quick, thus, this is the time people head out of their houses and gather in the parks and have some food together basking in the warm sunlight. Here, I have listed out some popular picnic spots in Seoul.

1. Yeouido Park


Home to the lines of Cherry Blossom trees that blooms in April and attracting thousands and millions of tourist each year, Yeouido Park is no doubt one of the most popular area (especially for couples) to have a picnic. Being surrounded by the hundreds of lovely trees, it just feels so romantic to be drown by the pinkish white cherry blossom petals while chit-chatting with your loved ones.


2. Olympic Park


If you’re tired of the hordes of couples in Yeouido Park, you should consider Olympic Park instead. Here, you get to see the historic remains from the Baekje Era that shared its space with the modern sports stadium, an eco-friendly forest, and also the spacious grass fields. Recommended to bring your family here!


3. Seonyudo Park


The park has an amazing 360 degree view of the surrounding area, the Han River, and Seoul which is the reason why locals flock here every weekend to relax. Seonyudo Park is also a great place for a picnic or a leisurely walk at sunset.

Usually many who visit the park will stay until sunset to view the colorfully lit up arched Bridge which links the park to the Yangwha Area on the southern side of the Han River.


4. Banpo Hangang Park


Come here with a box of friend chicken and some beer, it will be the best thing to do during the Spring! Here, you can easily enjoy the gorgeous view of Hangang river and sky scrapers on the riverside. Every spring, this place is flooded with rape flowers as well as humans to enjoy picnic and spring events like ‘Searaeseom Butterfly, Rate Flowers Festival’. Stay till the night, there will be a colourful Rainbow Fountain waiting to mesmerize you!

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