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Pizza: The Best Comfort Food There Is

Pizza: The Best Comfort Food There Is

Live long enough in Korea and you will naturally start to revert back to craving those comfort foods that you know can never betray you and no food is like music to their eyes like a soft, delicious pizza is. New expats to Korea at first can not understand the pains and frustration of the long term expats.If you have lived in Korea enough then you know foreign foods takes either too long to come here and it can take a while to be perfect, it is only in the last few years that decent pizza has arrived in Korea. For a long time, there was only funky pizzas that would have you scraping the food off your tongue. Pizza toppings like sweet potato and kimchi just don’t work in my opinion.
Beer O’ Clock:
I knew about the Sinchon Bar location for a long time but only recently found out there is a location in Itaewon that even has home delivery, oh how times have changed. The Pizza has a medium thickness made with freshly hand tossed dough. But you must know take note that the pizza isnt packed full with toppings. The Doner Style Pizza which comes with minced beef, yogurt sauce and some seasoning was a favorite of mine. The classics are also available. Since the bar is owned by Canadians, the buffalo wings are cheap on a certain night but I can’t remember which day exactly, They were absolutely crazy good  and garlic knots too weren’t too bad. If you go there from Dinner time then you can enjoy a pizza with a chilled beer.
 Maddux Pizza:
If you are a fan of thin pizza slices, Maddux Pizza is the place for you to be. It is located in Itaewon. The crispy crust is excellent. Since the place is more of a pizza on the go kinda place, there is usually an available seat for you and your darling pizza. The pizza ain’t cheap and the pizza isn’t exactly fresh each time but it is worth a try at least once. A classic margherita can cost 6,700won which is steep admittedly. So choose carefully which pizza topping can satisfy you the most. They are trying to match up to New York style pizza but it doesn’t really come off.1463770_66_1466855886581
Pizzeria D’Buzza:
There are now 3 locations in Seoul and most of you might not even know that this place is a serious challenger for the best pizza in Seoul title. A reservation before going there will save you the hassle of waiting for others to hurry with their meal while you suffer. I promise you, you will be in queue. The pizza with rucula and parma ham is to die for, it has its own style with lots of toppings. The price range runs from 17,000won – 20,000won. Also if you believe you have more space for another pizza then the margherita and diablo are worthy considerations.부자피자2
Monster Pizza:
To anyone who has tried this, They know how evil this slice of greatness is. It will trick your brain into wanting another slice one after the other, even though you are full. It is the best slice of late night pizza in Seoul, hands down. One slice costs 3,500 and a whole pie costs a sweet 18,000won, The pie is huge so you actually feel more worried about leaving some of it in the box and not in your belly. There is 3 selections to choose from: cheese, pepperoni and spicy girl (ham and jalapeno). There is soft drinks and beer available too. Great for washing it all down. Most people recommend going here after you left the bar or club but expect queues for it around 2-4am since a lot of people already know about its comfort food greatness.mp3
Brick Oven:
Located in Gangnam, this spot is probably as close to a New York style pizza as you are gonna get these days in Seoul. Some argue it to be the pound for pound best pizzeria in Seoul. The owners are New Yorkers and have made it their mission to make the best possible pizza that tastes just like it is back home. The restaurant itself has a great upbeat vibe to it and the large tables are accommodating to big groups. Though on the weekends if you and your friends plan to eat here then you should make not that groups of 4 and up without reservation might end up when anything up to an 1 hour for a table. The pizza selections are fantastic. You can split the pizzas too if you desire, anybody for half pepperoni and half cheese? The crust is thin so you can get down a few slices before feeling full. Give it a try tonight and find out if it is the best pizza in Seoul like some argue it is.brick gangnam
Pizza Peel:
If you can find this place on the back alleys in Itaewon then you have stumbled upon a fresh pizza that is wonderous. They even have sports on at all times for you to watch. Pizza and Sports, that’s music to my ears. This pizza joint is well known for their brick oven pizzas. The recommendation I would give you is to try the supreme pizza which comes with toppings like pepperoni, mushrooms, onions, green peppers and Italian sausage. But overall each pizza is a great choice. Also on offer is Pepperoni, Canadian (Bacon, Mushroom and Pepperoni) and Hawaiian Pizza. No pizza is overpriced. All under 17,000won. Plus you can make up your own pizza and get a calzone if you wish. Gut busting glory!
As with any list about pizza, it is impossible to rank, since everyone likes something different. And obviously, no matter how much you love pizza, it is quite the task to find all those must eat joints out there. So this list will never be complete. And each pizza has its pros and cons. Each restaurants has its strengths and weaknesses. I found these pizzas to offer something but then you might not. For me once I have a nice slice of pepperoni pizza with a chilled drink, I am pretty much set. Forgive me for not being able to decisively name what is the best pizza out there in Seoul. It’s an impossible task for anyone. Just give in to the taste!

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