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Pocheon City upon the Lake

Pocheon City upon the Lake

Pocheon is a serene city just two hours away from Seoul, thus a frequented place by Seoulites and travelers who are lucky to find out about Pocheon. If you wish to spend a quiet weekend immersed in a natural paradise of sorts. Ecological attractions are abundant all around and plenty enough to distract you from your schedule, especially near Sanjeonghosu Lake, giving visitors more reasons to take part in nature. Perhaps go barefoot? Or enjoy a dip?

The best time to visit the lake is around dawn when the fog take the form of a mystical aura of quietness and tranquility. Most photograph snapping lovers come here in the early morning just to capture its mystic amour, while others tend to want to simply appreciate the beautiful view with a hot cup of coffee in hand.

Sanjeong Lake:

Sanjeong Lake is an artificial lake that was created over 90 years ago, originally constructed as a canal in order to irrigate water for agricultural purposes. The place later received the unofficial nickname“a well between the mountains” due to its location of being surrounded by valleys between Myeongseongsan Mountain, Mangbongsan Mountain, and the Mangmubong Peak. And thanks to the nearby attractions, the lake brings many visitors each year, serving as one of the most famous tourist destinations in Gyeonggi-do province. The clear water of the lake reflects a perect mirror image of Myeongseongsan Mountain, and it is truly a sight to behold.명성산억새11산정호수

It takes about one and a half hour to complete the lake perimeter, and it is well-equipped with promenades that offer a convenient walk for everyone. Touring the area will not only give you a good amount of exercise but also an eye-pleasing experience, especially when autumn attractions are in full swing, including fascinating art installations and a mesmerizing atmosphere that the silver grasses create all around you!

Pocheon Art Valley:

This place was once a flourishing granite quarry in Korea during the 1960s. However, soon after the industry had dried up, the quarry underwent a massive transformation from a quarry to a tourist site for nature and art. Besides the amazing rock formations and cliffs hanging around, a breathtaking emerald green lake is right below you.60710858

One place to take note of is Cheonjuho Lake, which draws over a million visitors each year. It is a natural reservoir created by rainfall and spring water flowing down from high up on the mountains. The water here is known for its first grade quality with the water being so crystal clear that you will literally see everything, even the fishes swimming underneath.Pocheon-Art-Valley

Also this Art Valley has a meaningful role in playing host to various artistic programs and exhibitions. Everyone is guaranteed to have a wonderful time going to space in the Astronomical Science Museum, the outdoor performance area or enjoying sculptures and other facilities available to the public. For those who aren’t to keen to walk around all day , there is also a monorail available to you so that you can take a rest and at the same time take in everything with a birds-eye view.

Pyeonggang Botanical Garden:

Pyeonggang Botanical Garden is estimated to be home to thousand upon thousands of species of plants and fauna. In addition there is a marsh forest, and the largest rock garden that exists in the Asia . As soon as you step foot into the garden, you can instantly tell that this place is like those gardens described in many Asian paintings. The garden also hosts a whole variety of seasonal events, each with a distinct theme representing Korea’s four seasons such as ‘Summer Forest Festival’, ‘Fall Foliage Fiesta’, and ‘Silver Winter Wonderland’. The names themselves are appealing enough, increasing one’s hype to want to visit them.25

The garden itself can be seen from many romance dramas and TV shows like “Can You Hear My Heart?”(2011), “Arang and the Magistrate”(2012), “Big”(2012) to name a few. The wooden bridge over the marsh and silver grass fields are particularly loved by those who love romance where it provides the perfect background for them to walk hand in hand.

Other place of note to check out are:

Idong Galbi Village, Traditional Liquor Museum Sansawon, Herb Island

To get to there from Seoul take a bus to Pocheon Intercity Bus Terminal.
Dong Seoul Bus TerminalPocheon Intercity Bus Terminal
Price: 6,400 won  Travel time: 1 hour and 30 minutes
Seoul (Honam Line) Express Bus Terminal (Central City) → Pocheon Intercity Bus Terminal
Price: 7,100 won Travel time: 1 hour and 20 minutes
(*Arriving at Uncheon Intercity Bus Terminal)
Dong Seoul Bus Terminal → Uncheon Intercity Bus Terminal
Price: 9,200 won Travel time: 1 hour and 50 minutes

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