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How to stay connected in Korea

How to stay connected in Korea

In the recent years, staying connected while abroad has became a basic necessity for most people. It has become a must to update their loved ones on their whereabouts, or posting selfies or wefies to show their friends where they are and what they are seeing at that very moment. Moreover, with the abudance of travel bloggers from all over the world today, the need to updating their blog & social network accounts is also another factor that contributes the increasing demands of wifi. So, let me help you make your day easier by listing down ways to easily get connected in Korea.


1. Wifi-Korea


Wifi-Korea is a pocket wifi rental company with the cheapest rental fees you can find in Korea. Though they have a daily data capacity of 700mb for the LTE router (ESP), but it’s enough for a daily use & I bet you won’t be able to find cheaper rental fees than theirs.

Price starting from:
USD 2.99 per day


2. Pocket Wifi Korea


As the name stated, Pocket Wifi Korea is also another wifi egg rental company. Both of their products have a daily limit of 1gb data capacity, which is just slightly more than Wifi-Korea’s LTE router, and price is also a little higher too, but not as much as the one I’m gonna introduce next.

Price starting from:
USD 3.95 per day


3. Olleh KT, LG U+, SK Telecom


The 3 big telco companies in S.Korea, not only they offer mobile phone rental to visitors, they also offer pocket wifi rental services, but at a much higher price compared to the 2 above. Since they are the big players of this market and of course I believe they have good customer service & provide much better service? Though, if those who are travelling on a budget, the above 2 can also be a very good option too!

Price starting from:
Olleh: 5,000 won per day
SK Telecom: 5,000 won per day
LG U+: Data – 5,000 won per day; Device rent: 3,000 won per day


4. EG Sim Card


EG sim card only caters to foreigners so you’ll need a passport to register your details before activating your sim card. Depending on the amount, there’s option between 1gb, 2gb & 5gb data to choose from, and it will be for a month’s validation.

Price starting from:
15,000 won (without data); 30,000 won – 1gb data

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