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4 Worthy Indoor Places for a Rainy Korea Trip

4 Worthy Indoor Places for a Rainy Korea Trip

Spring is getting shorter and shorter every year, that said, summer is just right about here now. Other than the humid hot weather, usually there will be a lot of rain during this season, blame the rainy season. Thus, going outdoor will be a pain in the neck when your plan is ruined by the never ending rain. Fret not, I will introduce 4 indoor places which you can put them in your “emergency” list when it happens to rain.

1. Coex Aquarium


This unique aquarium is incredibly huge and it consists of over 40,000 sea creatures in its tanks. Upon entering the aquarium, visitors will be lead from the theme of high Andean mountains, through the tropical rain forest to swamps, rivers, and lastly, the ocean. Be prepared to be amazed by this giant sized aquarium!


2. Common Ground Shopping Mall


Common Ground is Korea’s first one-of-a-kind container shopping complex which was built with 200 shipping containers. The building is separated into 2 parts, while one side are solely selling guy’s stuff, while the other are the women’s section. Though the items are kinda pricey, but, its still an interesting place to take beautiful pictures, and it’s also a good place to have a cup of something you like!


3. Lotte World


Planning to go Everland but it suddenly starts raining? Then, perhaps you might wanna change your plan and visit Lotte World instead! Not only is there a  thrilling roller coaster for easing your adult adrenaline rush, it also has bumper car rides and other kiddy stuff where you can bring your kids along! In addition, there is also an indoor skating ring too!


4. Express Bus Terminal


Shopping in Myeongdong can be very troublesome when it rains. So, how about coming to a place where things are cheaper and most importantly, it’s indoor! Don’t worry about getting wet! The Express Bus Terminal consists of approximately 600 stores of all sorts such as clothing, flowers, cosmetic etc. If you get hungry while shopping, just walk to the end of each side and you will find some restaurants for your growling stomach!

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