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Recommended 3 Water Parks for cool summer

Recommended 3 Water Parks for cool summer

With giant wave pools, thrilling water slides, myriad of pools, water parks in Korea are some of the best places to go to escape the summer heat. In this summer, what about having a perfect day trips with family and friends to water parks?

1. Caribbean Bay


Caribbean Bay


Caribbean Bay is Korea’s largest and most popular water park. It has five different themed zones that include indoor pools, outdoor pools, spas, water rides and water slides. The most popular attractions at the water park are the Wave pool, where the waves get as high as 2.4 meters and the new Aqua loop. Also, there are modern sauna facilities and various types of hot spring pools.

Tip: Take a shuttle bus directly from Seoul!

Shuttle buses operate between Everland and major locations in Seoul (Round-trip fare: 12,000 won). Reservation must be made by phone at least one day in advance.

Admission fees

Gold Season
High Season
Adults & Teens Children Adults & Teens Children
All day 70,000 55,000 55,000 43,000
Half day
60,000 46,000 45,000 35,000

* Dates and fees are subject to change


2. Seorak Waterpia



Seorak Waterpia is located within the Seorak Hanwha Resort nearby Seoraksan National Park, the most popular destination on the East Coast. The stunning scenery of Seoraksan Mountain serves as a beautiful backdrop to Seorak Waterpia. The open-air spa is a definite must-try since it uses only pure mineral water.

Admission fees

High Season
Gold Season
All day Adults & Teens 36,000 45,000
Children 27,000 33,500
Half day
Adults & Teens 30,500 38,000
Children 22,500 28,500

Tip! Take the Seorak Waterpia Shuttle Bus to and from Seoul

Shuttle bus operate between Seorak Hanwha Resort and major locations in Seoul.


3. Vivaldi Park Ocean World




Ocean World Water Park is located in Vivaldi Park (one of Korea’s most famous ski resorts) situated in Hongcheon in Gangwon-do. The water park has an Egyptian theme throughout and contains replicas of the Sphinx, Pyramids and Obelisks.

Divided into various zones – Indoor Zone, Wave Pool Zone, Extreme Zone, Dynamic Zone, and the Mega Slide Zone – each section of the water park offers a different kind of amusement.

Admission fees

Gold Season
High Season
All day Adults & Teens 70,000(Indoor locker)/
65,000(Outdoor locker)
60,000(Indoor locker)/
55,000(Outdoor locker)
Children 55,000(Indoor locker)/
50,000(Outdoor locker)
48,000(Indoor locker)/
43,000(Outdoor locker)
Half day
Adults & Teens 60,000(Indoor locker)/
55,000(Outdoor locker)
50,000(Indoor locker)/
45,000(Outdoor locker)
Children 45,000(Indoor locker)/
40,000(Outdoor locker)
38,000(Indoor locker)/
33,000(Outdoor locker)


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