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4 Rose Festival in Korea for a Romantic Stroll

4 Rose Festival in Korea for a Romantic Stroll

Roses are red, violets are blue.. It’s time for the roses to bloom soon! I believe that roses are also some girl’s best friend, and what’s best is that you don’t need to buy flowers for your girl and leaving it to whiter after some time. Head to these few places together with your loved one and spend some romantic time with her!
1. Ulsan Grand Park Rose Festival (May 20th ~ May 29th)

Ulsan Grand Park Rose Festival has been held ever year since 2005 exhibiting about 3 million roses in its rose garden. During the festival, visitors can enjoy the beauty of roses from different themed gardens like the Cupid Garden, Venus Garden or Rose Hills. Not only the roses are the highlight of this festival, visitors can also see various animals such as more than 1000 of birds, as well as monkeys and meerkats.

2. Gokseong International Rose Festival (May 20th ~ May 29th)


Gokseong is known for its train village, in addition, it has been holding an annual event the Gokseong Rose Festival at the 1004 Rose Park located within the train village. Rose species here comes from different parts of the world, and will be exhibiting under the theme of love, scent and dream.

3. Igok Fountain Park Rose Festival, Daegu (May 13th ~ May 15th)

0513 이곡분수공원 장미원3

If you’re are in Daegu and wish to participate in the rose festival, then, head to Igok Fountain Park! This festival will be held on 3 days long and Igok Fountain Park is the only place in Daegu that has a rose park. Since it is not as popular as the 2 above, this place attracted around 10,000 visitors every year. Not only visitors can enjoy the beautiful roses, there are some small programs such as making rose soap, tasting rose tea etc will also be held during the festival. Most of all, it is free admission!

4. Jungnangcheon Rose Festival (May 20th ~ May 22nd)


Want to have a unforgettable romantic memory in Seoul? Come here with your other half and take a stroll through the 5.1km long rose tunnel. During the festival, the whole area of Junghwa Sports Park and Surim Grand Park will be blanketed with roses. And on 22nd, the final day of the festival, there will be a Garden Dinner too. Sounds good for a surprise proposal here?

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