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Seopjikoji Beach

Seopjikoji Beach

Seopjikoji is located off on the eastern coast of Jeju Island. The name comes from the dialect of the Jeju, “Seopji” meaning a narrow piece of land, and “koji” for cape or peninsula. The shoreline is simply striking, showcasing volcanic rocks in all kinds of shapes and sizes, most are being preserved and even used as the foundation for a observation deck.674

I heard before from a friend that this place is famous for the drama “All in” and honestly while I was there it really felt like I was interrupting a Korean drama. The place is magical and majestic! It is a vast green/brownish field without no trees in sight that is still lovely to the eyes.a9c033ad453889f77af963b28deb31c5

The winds can be very strong, so girls, keep your hair tied up and be aware of the wind if you want to avoid embarrassment. On the way to Seopjikoji, you will go past a beach, make sure to pull up along the road to take more scenic pictures,try not to just fly by it. Seopjikoji has a few point of interests, namely the cathedral where the series “All-in” is filmed, a smoke mound, a lonely rock cropping and a lighthouse. Again, this is a big favourite tourist destination with hordes of tour buses and tourists. Be sure to get there early, or you will have no where to park your car and go for a stroll. Try to beat the crowds.섭지코지

The entrance fee for Seopjikoji is free, so no excuses not to go! It’s open 24 hours as well for those who are adventurous enough to venture there during the night-time. The place is a hotspot for romantic moments and it would be great to visit here with someone you could hands with amidst the strong wind especially when dealing with the cold weather of Korea. Jeju Island definitely lives up to the title of being the must go to island for romance. The full bloom of Silver Grass Flowers with wind blowing along the trail are simply beautiful. Walk towards the end after the Lighthouse, you can catch Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak. So much to not miss out on in this little piece of awesomeness.섭지코지-004On the reddish cliff is a lonesome white lighthouse. You can climb up to the lighthouse to witness a the gorgeous view. Visitors used to be able to enjoy an impressive view of Seongsan Ilchulbong from Seopjikoji, Sadly, a large-scale eye sore of a condominium complex now blocks some of the beautiful landscape you can view. Right below the cliff, a stone pillar stands on reddish black bedrock. Legend has it that a son of the Dragon King of the Sea grieving the loss of his love turned into the rock.eded

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