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Try this Outdoor workout training with a professional coach in Seoul for FREE!

Living in Seoul as an expat, sometimes you might find it hard to exercise because it is costly to maintain a gym membership, or because it is less motivating and kind of boring to workout by yourself. I used to be in that situation when I kept procrastinating my plan to be active and I found no reason or joy to start getting out of my bed during the weekend for any sort of active activity. Fortunately, I found out about Seoul City Crew (SCC) workout group on Facebook and decided to give it a try.

Similar to many communities and meet-up groups in Korea, SCC is a place to meet people who share the same hobbies and improve your knowledge and skills in the field that you are interested in. This group began in 2017 with the aim to make fitness more accessible to Seoul Community. It started as a weightlifting group and consisted 6 members before growing membership forced it to move outdoors. The great things about Seoul Global Center are the offer to meet great people including both Korean and foreigners with the same hobby or purposes, and the benefit of workout under the training of a professional fitness trainer. The type of training mostly focuses on bodyweight exercises and running. The group meets regularly in public parks such as Banpo park every week to host its free fitness Booth Camp which aims to accommodate all fitness level. Hence, you will not get any difficulties in joining at any time. The coach of SCC – Andrew Bishop – stated that the group prides itself on its diversity as its members hail from 6 continents and consists of people of various ages and cultural backgrounds. By participating in these Boot Camp sessions, you will not only improve your healthy and endurance, but also have a chance to expand your network and share meaningful times with new people.

I personally want to share my experience with Seoul City Crew because it has boosted my confidence in fitness and improve my motivations in becoming a stronger person physically and mentally. I used to be a person who is interested in fitness but never really know how to take actions on my own. One of the reason is that I prefer outdoor activities over indoor gyms. Also, it was not easy to find someone who has similar interest. Getting to know about Seoul City Crew, I met many strong and active people. We encourage each other to finish every session of workout and help each other try our best not to give up when we are exhausted. If you want to try this experience, you can join SCC boot camps every Saturday morning from 10am to 11am by just dropping a direct message to the page. You do not have to worry about the level of workout since it is made for everyone to join anytime. This will help you start a freshly energetic weekend. So maybe I will see you there? ?



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