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Seoul Racecourse Park : More Than Just Horseracing

Seoul Racecourse Park : More Than Just Horseracing

Just south of Seoul, near Seoul Grand Park. Lies Seoul Racecourse Park, which is a popular spot for gambling. But the park also offers other things than just gambling, as the racecourse is surrounded by a beautiful park as well as a stunning scenery.



The racetrack can hold 25,000 spectators, and as there’s racing happening. It’s also a spot often visited by kpop idols, who will perform their newest songs. During the big races, where a different race takes place each month from April to November.



Entrance to the track is cheap, 2,000 won if you use your T-Money card. Or 3,000 won if you pay by cash at one of the ticket machines, though, you will get 1,000 won back when you return the reuseable card.



Betting is allowed, though you will have to do all your bets in cash. So there’s a chance to win big money, if you’ve done your research on the horses and jockeys in the race. The races take place every half hour, and the bets are limited to 100,000 won.



Even if horseracing isn’t your thing, the park also features a flower garden. And even a waterfall, that has been made artificially. As well as a food court, that features various kinds of delicious food, that visitors can enjoy. Or you can enjoy their flower garden, which has many different kinds of flowers.



How to get there:

The park is easily accessable from Seoul Racecourse Park Station, which you can find on line 4.

As you reach the Seoul Racecourse Park station, you should find exit 3. And from exit 3, there will be directions that will lead you towards the Park.


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