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Seoul’s Fast and Convenient Transportation

Seoul’s Fast and Convenient Transportation

Beep, beep and honk honk come in every major city. Seoul is not an exception. Despite a well-built public transportation system, followed by an accurate mobile apps that tell you the exact timetable, the traffic is huge in  the center of Seoul, and not to mention the ‘ride or die’ taxi drivers blaring their horns at each other over little things.


arex airport subway


However, trust me, this is not a big deal if you are travelling to Asia. My favorite way to get across city is by subway, which I can guarantee that it is the best in the world. It is clean, fast, and for the most part, the least crowded way to travel if you don’t hit rush hours in the morning and after work like any other countries. Some countries have weak air-conditioned trains like you are in a sweating jjimjilbang, sauna, but Seoul subways have a great air-conditioning system that you could get cold while travelling!


son yeon jae, t-money card

Another reason is that a reasonable fare. Seoul’s public transportation fee is cheap. People even get on the subway just to get one stop, but it doesn’t mean that Koreans are lazy or over-weighed. There are many stairs you can exercise and burn out all soju and delicious Korean style BBQ that you had last night with cute Korean boys or girls. Probably, it is one of the main reason why Koreans can remain slim and fit like K-pop idols on TV. Payment is also easy as most stations offer English, Japanese, and Chinese signs for oversea travellers. The subway announcement also tells you which stop it is in other languages, so that you won’t miss your stop or get lost.


ktx train

Korea’s KTX and train system (book here) is amazing, too. You wouldn’t need a car here in South Korea. The buses go everywhere. Korea just rocks for transportation and fast delivery. They deliver packages by guys on motorcycles within the hour if you pay. If anyone is planning to travel Seoul, enjoy its convenient transportation. People are also very polite, so do not afraid to ask strangers in hiking clothes.

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