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Sinchon 2015 City Slide Festa – Water Slide in the middle of Seoul

Sinchon 2015 City Slide Festa – Water Slide in the middle of Seoul

Water Slide in the middle of Seoul!!!


From July 18th at 10 AM to July 19th at 10 PM, the 2015 City Slide Festa will take place at Yonsei-ro, Sinchon.

The city slide started gaining popularity last year, where major cities of the world would set up a jumbo slide right in the middle of the city.

It has quickly spread from London, Las Vegas, Sydney, Paris, and the Netherlands.




Taking place in one of the youth capitals of Seoul, there will be other fun events that you can participate in besides the slide. Not only will you have a chance to slide down the 350m water slide, but you will also be able to enjoy electronic dance music.


With guests such as DJ KOO and Kim Sori, it’s going to be one big party! There will be tons of other non verbal performances as well! There will also be a swimsuit fashion show that participants themselves have made, and a space where you can see all of the city slide videos.

Families and friends are encouraged to upload videos of their city slide experience online and possibly receive a prize if other netizens vote for their video.



** From the 18th, Saturday at 1 am until the 20th, Monday at 3 am, the Yonsei-ro road will be blocked and entrance to Myeongmul 1-gil road from Yonsei-ro will be blocked.

Ticket Price

10 am ~ 1:30 pm  15,000 KRW

2  pm ~ 5:30 pm  18,000 KRW

EDM(DJ Party)    20,000 KRW

One-day ticket     30,000 KRW

*Official website:


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