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Sky Park, A Place to Explore Right in Seoul

Sky Park, A Place to Explore Right in Seoul

Sky Park, A Place to Explore Right in Seoul


Seoul, while massive in size, is also home to nearly half the population of the entire South Korea, at least if you calculate in all of the metropolitan area, reaching far outside the city borders. That means, no matter where in Seoul you wander off to, you’ll typically find yourself surrounded by many people. And sometimes that gets exhausting, and all you want to do is escape to somewhere that you can have peace, quiet, and alone time in.

But what if you don’t have much time to leave Seoul? Then where can you go, besides your own room? Well, we’ve got a suggestion for you!

How about, next time you wish to explore a quieter part of Seoul, you visit the Sky Park, also known as 하늘공원. It resides right inside Seoul, near Dangsan on one side and World Cup Stadium on the other, with views overlooking Han River. To get to the park, you have to climb up more than 400 steps, but the park that waits for you up the small mountain is stunning.

In the fall season, you can find fields of tall silver grass, and some years even sunflowers. You’ll also find more people at the time, so you may want to time your visit for a weekday when everyone else is at work or at school. That way you’ll get the park all to yourself!

You’ll get the same reward of climbing up to the park if you go outside of the most popular season, which is mid-September to mid-October. It will still be a beautiful sight to see, and perfect for a mind rejuvenating walk right in the middle of the city. Why is that? Because you will struggle to see another soul in there! It’s just you, whoever you might be accompanied by, and the nature around you.

It is also a great spot for a photoshoot! With the gorgeous colors of the nature surrounding you, and with the lack of people, why not grab a friend or a tripod to take some shots to put onto Instagram later? What more, the stairs that you must climb up to get to “heaven”, so to speak, make for a great work out for the day.

In order to get to the park, there are two main ways that you can use. First, you can take the subway to World Cup Stadium. From the station, you have to walk for a bit before finding yourself at the root of the stairs. Alternatively, you can go to Dangsan Station, get out of exit 6, and then take bus number 9707 to get nearly directly to the bottom of the stairs on the opposite side.

And besides Sky Park, the area actually has a few other parks to visit as well. You could easily make an amazing day trip right inside Seoul out of this!

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