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Spring in Korea and Cherry Blossom Festivals in Seoul

Spring in Korea and Cherry Blossom Festivals in Seoul

Korea has four characteristic seasons, and Spring time in Korea can be summed up into two words, ‘Beautifully Cute‘.

Harsh Winters and exhausting Summers can leave a bad impression of Korea’s seasons, but Spring and Fall are just to die for. Especially, Spring!

I personally like Spring. It’s the season that you have an excuse to dress up and show off your fantastic styles. I just can’t help myself from shopping clothes in Spring. That’s why I always go out Myeongdong, Hongdae, Gangnam, and Dongdaemun.


spring festivals in korea

Back to the weather in Korea, the Winter chill disappears and small sprouts appear across the mountains. Then after the green vividly takes hold of the scenery and the busy streets flood with and interesting festivals, Korea shines with the most beautiful pink glow I’ve witnessed to this day.

Cherry blossom trees blossom in early April, creating a country full of fluttering white and pink pedals floating in the air. You can shake the trees and pedals will fall softly, seeming like a warm winter snow. Plus my favorite attributes of spring, is the kindness and energy people have here. Everyone is just overly happy that the air is fresh and the sun is giving life to the country.

I wish it the Spring lasts longer, but again there’s Fall and it will come back. May be it feels even more special because it is too short.


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So, where is the best place to see cherry blossoms in Korea?

There are popular festivals held in each province, such as Yeouido Spring Flower Festival, Andong Hahoe Folk Village, Gyeongju, Hwagae Cherry Blossom Festival, Jinhae Gunhangje Festival, and Jeju Cherry Blossom Festival.

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