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St. Patrick’s Day in Seoul!

St. Patrick’s Day in Seoul!

St. Patrick’s Day in Seoul!



Every year, the Irish Association of Korea have been throwing a big party to celebrate this day. Irish or not Irish, everyone is welcome to come, but don’t forget your green clothes.This is an event filled with Irish culture, music, dancing and different performances.



Saint Patrick’s Day is a cultural and religious celebration that happens every 17 March, the death of the St. Patrick. Celebrations usually includes public parades and festivals, the wearing of green clothes or shamrocks.

This day is also related to the tradition of alcohol consumption (mostly beer). Even though it is an irish public holiday, it is also widely celebrated in many other countries around the world.



Here in Seoul, St. Patricks day of 2014 was held on the sorroundings of Sindorim Station, in a nice Plaza. It happened from 12:30 am to 22pm. It is just a very nice experience to join, if you like Ireland, or if you like partying, beer, music and/or happy people.



This event was the first one where I saw the biggest number of foreigners put together. Maybe specially irish, a reunion of lots of pretty ginger hair people. It made me realise how many foreigners are actually coming, interested and settling down in Seoul.


After the party in the Plaza, most people moved to Itaewon, to some of the Irish pubs around there to continue the party. Lots of fun!


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