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Strike Out! – Baseball in Seoul

Strike Out! – Baseball in Seoul

Maybe you have noticed how Koreans are crazy for baseball? Like many others they enjoy to cheer on their favorite team while drinking and eating with friends, co-workers or family. That could be on a weekday evening in a lit arena or on a hot weekend afternoon.

Korean Baseball Organization founded the KBO League in 1982 and at the time it had 6 teams. Today that number has increased to 10 teams spread across the nation; and are found in e.g. Seoul, Daegu and Busan. Each team plays every other 16 times adding up to 144 games in the regular season before playoffs will decide the winner.


Located in the central parts of Seoul (Songpa-gu) we have the home of the LG Twins and Doosan Bears, the Jamsil Baseball Stadium. It’s close to the Sports Complex Station (on Subway Line No. 2) and is easily accessible from any Kimchee Guesthouse by subway.

Renovated in 2007 and with a wide selection of food and drinks and a capacity of 26.000 people this arena provides a great sports experience every time! And it doesn’t even cost you that much, tickets cost from 7,000KRW.


So why not take part in cheering on the teams together with the local fans? A vibrant Korean cultural experience not like any other, and since LG Twins and Doosan Bears are sharing the Jamsil Baseball Stadium there are games played basically everyday so there really is no reason not to go, is there?

I mean; so what if you maybe aren’t the biggest baseball fan or don’t know all the rules? When in Rome, why don’t do like the Romans?

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