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Suwon : Hwasung Fortress

Suwon : Hwasung Fortress

Suwon : Hwasung Fortress



If you are looking to do something different outside of the city but still close enough, Suwon might be a good opportunity for you to experience some more of Korean History and enjoy good food.

Suwon is a city in the Gyeonggi Province. It is located 30Km south of Seoul and you can get there by subway, train or bus. It takes half and hour to an hour depending on where you are, which makes it pretty easy to just go spend the day and come back.




The biggest attraction in this city probably is the Hwaseong Fortress. It was built in 1796 and it is now a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site, which ends up promoting the city. The walk around the whole fortress is about 5.7 Km long and it takes around 2 to 3 hours to finish it.




The hight of the fortress ranges from 4.9 m to 6.2 m. It has 4 main gates: Paldamun Gate, Janganmun Gate, Changyongmun Gate and Hwaseomun Gate. Half way, you will find many interesting sites, which includes a beautiful lake and also the Hwaseong Temporary Palace. It is a very pleasant walk, you can also stop as much as you want and enjoy the views.




Suwon is also well known for the beef ribs (galbi) and the most famous restaurant for that specialty is the Kabojung Restaurant ( ). To get to Kabojung Restaurant, you can take a 20 minutes bus ride from the Suwon Station.

If you got the time and the energy to walk, don’t miss it!

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