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The 5 Hottest Drinks for the Winter Holidays in Korea

The 5 Hottest Drinks for the Winter Holidays in Korea

The 5 Hottest Drinks for the Winter Holidays in Korea


Hey, guys! Jenny here. And writing my very first post for Kimchee Guesthouse! Nice to meet you and nice to meet you. Please be kind.

For my very first post, I’ve decided to write about something very near and dear: The Winter Holidays.

Or rather what to do while everyone else is out on their Christmas dates while you – and me – are forever solo and doomed to spend Christmas alone, at least for another year.

So rather than focusing on places where you can have “Christmas dates” (unless you’re forever single like me), I’m going to list the coziest, toastiest, warmest drinks available during winter break. Because after all, nothing is better for those cold nights than filling up your insides with warm sweetness. Plus, most of these drinks are seasonal which means you can only enjoy this time of the year – so get ‘em while it’s hot!

So here are five warmest café beverages you can find in Seoul.

  1. CoffeeBean – Double Hot Chocolate


It’s just not winter without hot chocolate and CoffeeBean takes it to the next level with their double hot chocolate. The thick, creamy beverage is exactly what you’d imagine they’d serve over the river and through the woods at grandma’s house. The best part is the fluffy later of marshmallows at the top and the extra gift at the bottom (Hint: more marshmallows!)

  1. Starbucks – Lemon Chai Ginger Tea

This was actually one of my first discoveries after I had a bout of a nasty cough earlier this month. The tea not only has the perfect balance between lemon and ginger (with actual bits of ginger inside) but just the feel of drinking it is enough to make you want to give yourself a pat on the back. It’s the perfect kick to give that winter cold or a great fix for another pesky problem – a bloated stomach from overeating during the holidays!

  1. A TWOSOME PLACE – SWG Milk Tea Chiffon Latte

Of course, I can’t keep out the classic milk tea from the list. The latte is incredibly creamy with extra thick foam at the top that really fills you up when you take a sip. The flowers are edible – though I didn’t eat them – and even that’s not your thing, it does make for the perfect Instagram story. I’m kind of a sucker for aesthetics.

  1. SkyRabbit – Strawberry Latte

No, this drink is not hot in the literal sense but what is winter in Seoul without strawberries. In Korea, fruit is mostly seasonal with certain types of fruit being more available – and more popular – during certain times of the year. In the winter, strawberries are the hottest fruit and everyone scrambles for all things strawberry, making the strawberry latte one of the most popular drinks during the winter. My favorite is at this particular café located across the street from Daiso in Hongdae. For those who really want their strawberry kick, I suggest pairing it with their strawberry croissant dessert!

  1. Life on Mars – Stella Coffee and Apple Cake

This café is located just outside Exit 1 of Tteukseom Resort Station on Line 7. The Stella Coffee is the nice and simple latte – sweet milk poured in coffee. But of course, I can’t write a blog post about café drinks and not include dessert! And this café sold one of the best ones I’ve eaten.

It’s called Apple Cake and it’s clearly the café’s pride and joy – unlike the other cakes which were held in the back, this particular cake was displayed right in the middle of the café under a glass cover.

Now I’m down for anything apple but I’m always hesitant when it comes to café desserts, which are usually of low quality (you can taste the artificial flavoring) and very dry. But I decided take a chance (I was also really hungry) and I’m so glad I did. The cake itself is incredibly moist except for the dry crumbly top covered in powdered sugar. It balanced perfectly with the hot latte and I have no regrets.


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