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The Avengers 2: The Age of Ultron was filmed in Seoul, Korea

The Avengers 2: The Age of Ultron was filmed in Seoul, Korea

It must had been a great news for fans of Marvel, The Avengers, in Korea when the movie, The Avengers 2 was set to be filmed in Seoul, South Korea.

As I live in Seoul and am a psychotic stalker of The Avengers, I thought the most desirable moment of my life is about to come when I first heard the movie is being filmed in my town.


mapo bridge

The movie was filmed around Mapo Bridge and Digital Media City of Seoul at this time of season last year. It is also the best time of the year when you can see beautiful cherry blossom flowers.


avengers korean poster

However, not all citizens are happy about the heroes coming to their city. It has been reported that South Korean government paid 3.8 Million USD to the producers of The Avengers 2: Age of Ultron movie, to make Seoul look good in the movie. The cost is estimated a third of the production cost for the whole movie.

Previously, Kim Young Gun from the Korean Movie council believes that the movie will change the status of Seoul for the better and portrayed the city as high tech and modern. Yes Korea would gain a lot from being featured in the Hollywood movies, but recently, an insider from Marvel Studios has revealed that the production crew did nothing to change the movie to please the Korean government officials.


robert downey jr. visits seoul

Nevertheless, the movie has been topping on Korea’s cinemas since it has been released on April 23, and have already reached approximately 3.5 million viewers as of April 26. The main reason would be not just because there are many fans of Marvel in Korea or people want to see a part of their city in the blockbuster, but also Korean actress Soo Hyun has participated in the movie. The Avengers team, including the director Jose Wedon, main actors Mark Ruffalo, Chris Evans, and Robert Downey JR also visited Seoul to promote the movie and attend a press conference on April 17. It was not the first time visiting Korea for Chris Evans and Robert Downey JR. The Iron Man even posted a photo of himself on his personal Instagram, enjoying shopping at Insadong.


galaxy s6 avengers theme

Meanwhile, it has been reported that Samsung might release Galaxy S6 Avengers Themed Limited Edition. Read more here.

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