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The Best Activities To Do When at The Han River

The Best Activities To Do When at The Han River

Whenever one is in Seoul, Sooner or later going to the Han River to unwind after a busy day. Sure It is rainy season now but it won’t be like this forever. On those hot days, where you are feeling sticky and groggy, A beer and a place to just let go becomes highly desired. If you are light on free time, then the Han River is the most accessible park to you. There is plenty of activities for one to do, You just got to know what to look for.

Bike Rentals

The Best Activities To Do When at The Han River
Locations for renting bikes

This is the obvious one. Part of the fun about riding your bike along the riverfront is the constant battle to avoid smashing into one of the many people on their walks or bikers that cycle around in groups. As bicycles are nearly everywhere on the Han River, there is several bike rental stations along the river. Prices are usually a very reasonable 3,000 won per hour, and even tandem bikes are available if you feel like riding a bike but don’t wanna do any of the pedalling, you have your significant other to do that for you. Head over to Yeoinaru Station on line 5 and get out at exit 3 which will take you to one of the prime locations along the Han River and get some use out of those bicycle shorts!

Banpo Rainbow Fountain

You can see there on any tourist board or pamphlet. The place is one for the night. With limited time showings over certain times of the year, the Banpo Rainbow Fountain is a very popular light show that is performed of a bridge. For a 15 minute show, go there during the hours of 12, 8pm, and 9pm on weekdays. Weekend showtimes for July and August are 12, 5, 7:30, 8, 8:30, 9, and 9:30. Day and night shows incorporates a different style, so if you’re going to spend a whole day by the river don’t miss out on it. Head over to Dongjak Station on Line 4 and get out at exit 1 or 2 and head off to the River for an visual treat.

Swimming Pools

This doesn’t mean that the Han River is safe for a dip and some breaststrokes. In fact, Due to a strong current, I would say that unless you are a really strong swimmer, you would be better to head off to one of the seven swimming pools located nearby to the banks of the Han River that provide good clean fun along with a great view of the river nearby and a safe environment to enjoy a swim during the summer.

  • Han River Swimming Pools MapUsually open Late June to Late August
  • Hours: 9:00am ~ 8:00pm
  • Admission:
    • Adults: W5,000
    • Youth (13~18): W4,000
    • Children (6~12): W3,000


The Han River is lined with parks dotted all over the place. If you’re not so much into doing activities and would rather just chilling out while watching people doing there business, then having a picnic in summer on the Han River is the only way to live. The place will be packed so be smart with where you pick to lay out your blanket and if you don’t want to pack food to eat at the river, then fret not, food delivery to the river is very possible. It’s definitely something to worth giving a go once. Motorbike riding deliverymen are pretty acute to where to find you along the river, have some decent Korean to help him out and help you out though. Go with some friends, some beers and enjoy the atmosphere.

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