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The Most Instagram Worthy Cafes in Seoul

The Most Instagram Worthy Cafes in Seoul

The Most Instagram Worthy Cafes in Seoul


Once again, we’re returning to the topic of cafes in Seoul. And why wouldn’t we? The café culture in Korea altogether is massive, and not only are café owners putting in all the effort in the world to create a lovely atmosphere with an intriguing menu for their customers, many people even consider going to cafes a hobby of theirs. For some, it’s a great way to spend extra time with a friend or date after a meal. For others, they simply love coffee and need that quiet café break during their day. And then there are those of us who meticulously search for cafes that have that added spunk to it in the form of the café interior or the goods offered. It may seem shallow to some, but it’s also fun and everyone seems to be doing it these days, so why not us as well? Below are some cafes that are excellent for picture taking if Instagram is your thing.



Located in the middle of the old industrial area of Seongsu, Café Onion is one of the most popular cafes in Seoul, especially among tourists. Their bare to the bones cement wall interior makes for incredible shots of not just your drinks and desserts but of yourself as well, if you’re willing. The café also has some of the most amazing savory baked goods in all of Seoul, so it’s definitely not a place you’ll want to miss out on visiting.



While Onion’s interior may be bleak and simple, Social Club Seoul, located in the heart of Mangwon, counters to that with their color scheme of ivory and wine red, giving you the ambiance of a royal palace. It is another great place for photographing the interior for a beautiful Instagram feed, and if you brought a friend with you then make sure they snag a few shots of you also to go.



This little café in the Hongdae area is an especially good choice if you specifically want to take pictures of yourself as they provide you with free flower crowns to wear while there. The menu is interesting and extensive as well, so your money is not going to go to waste here.



Found on the side streets of Konkuk University, this adorable café not only whips together an amazing peanut butter cheese cake, but it is a great place to get some interior shots. As it is a little bit out of one’s way and not as well known, you’ll usually get a lot of peace for yourself if you come here for an afternoon.



The name might be difficult and it may take some walking to get into, but this tiny café will absolutely mesmerize you upon walking in. It’s the perfect spot for an amazing photo shoot of yourself, of the café, and of the desserts and drinks offered.

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