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The Weird Foods Of South Korea

The Weird Foods Of South Korea

South Korea has like any other country, their own food that foreigners will find weird. We’ve found some of the unique and weird foods, that you will find in South Korea.



Jokbal is a dish made from , which is usually eaten with a few bottles of soju. It’s a popular dish, and is wrapped in sangchu, ssamjang and garlic. You can see them in restaurants laying in restaurants before they are cut, or you can have them delivered anytime of day.



Silk larva is a street food, often sold around parks and in markets. The larva are steamed or boiled, and served in a cup with all the juices from the larva. The smell from them is very strong, and not very appealing if you’re not used to it. With the taste, that can also be really unappealing to people that have never tried them before.



Boiled intestine sausage that shares the name with western style soondae, but the two doesn’t share ingredients. As the Korean version is filled with cow or pig intestines, along with noodles. It’s a common boiled or steamed street food, which can sound unappealing but is known to be very tasty.



Live squid isn’t quite what the name says, as the squid is actually dead. Though alive minutes before being served, the tentacles keep moving even after the squid is dead. It’s a dish that comes with a warning, as you will have to chew the tentacles thoroughly to avoid choking. As the suction cups will stick to your teeth and anything else they can stick to.



Spicy chicken feet is served whole, with bones, skin and meat. It’s known to be one of the spiciest Korean dishes, not only spicy there’s also the talons scraping in your mouth. Though also available at Chinese restaurants abroad, the Korean version is even spicier.



Raw crab is an uncooked dish, with the crabs being seasoned with various sauces. With a soft shell, which means you also eat the shell of the crab. A popular dish in Korea, which can be seen hanging bundled together at fish markets.



Fermented skate is one of the strongest smelling, fermented fish dishes you will find in the world. With the smell resembling ammonia, it can be a truly revolting smell. The dish is served in slices, that resembles the Japanese dish sashimi. The dish is often served with kimchi, and a bowl of makgeolli.



Barbecued Intestines a dish similar to Soondae, except that the intestines are barbecued alone. With a very chewy texture, with a sauce to dip the pieces in. Gopchang is often eaten with soju on the side, and served with the usual sidedishes for a Korean barbecue. The dish is high in iron and vitamins, making it a common food for Koreans to eat for health reasons.

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