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Top 3 Beaches For You This Summer

Top 3 Beaches For You This Summer

What’s your Summer destination this year? If you intend on taking your summer holidays in Korea, be sure to have a least one day free for a trip to the beach! Korea has plenty of beaches in all sorts of shapes and sizes that offer a very pleasing surrounding to give your mind and body a rest. Since most beaches in Korea officially open in June normally and close towards the end of August, visitors have only a few months to dip their feet in the water and soak up the rays. Even if you happen to miss out on the official beach season, there are plenty of beach festivals, water sports, and events going on all year! Here is the top 3 most welcoming beaches that you must visit.

Eurwangni Beach in Incheon

Eurwangni Beach is nearby to Incheon International Airport and is a lovely sunny west coast beach. Of course you have the gorgeous views and white sand but also the beach’s shallow water is a wonderful place for water games. There is Lavish resorts and restaurants serving fresh seafood to name a few close by to the beach. Having dinner outside on the terrace of these restaurants is the only way to watch the final rays of sunlight as they drop  over the horizon, and a great way to impress your date and show them that you can go the extra mile to make a moment special.

Beachgoers can also rent a fishing boat or rent a fishing rod to catch some fish at the pier. The beach holds a sea festival every August with swimming, beach wrestling and other events happening. The Sand is white with shells and rocks and the beach is about 700m in length and can hold up to 30,000 people. On site facilities include Shower Rooms, Locker Rooms, Drinking Fountains, Restrooms, Campsites, Fields, Training Centre, Parking lot and Pitching a tent is 5,000 won per day.

Jungmun Beach in Seogwipo-si, Jeju Island

Jungmun Beach is a very unique beach made up of various sand gradients as well as the famous black volcanic stone of Jeju Island, making it an extra bit special in my view. It can be found on the inside of Jeju Jungmun Resort.

When you are on the sandy beach, make sure to look around for the natural cave where rare plants flourish. offering you some nature sightseeing. The waves and tides are not very friendly along Jungmun Beach, so even though conditions can be perfect for water sports, but if you are not confident in your swimming ability or have young children the sticking to the shoreline under the careful watch of lifeguards is recommended. 1242053335_DSC_3214

In Jungmun Resort, you can also find an aquarium, Yeomiji Botanical Garden, Cheonjeyeon Waterfall and some Jeju Island traditional houses. Various events throughout the year so pick a time of year that suits you. The length of the white sand beach is about 560m and the width is about 50m. Facilities include Shower Rooms, Locker Rooms, Campgrounds, Drinking Fountain and Parking Lot.

Haeundae Beach in Haeundae-gu, Busan

For good reason, Haeundae Beach is simply the most well known and most crowded beach in all of South Korea, When you are there all you can see is a sea of red beach umbrellas in the summer. The waters are shallow and there is little change in tide making it easy to enjoy the sun and water without much hassle. The sand at the beach is coarse, which makes brushing yourself off at the end of the day a zinch. Since Haeundae Beach is located right in the city of Busan, it is extremely popular and is full most days, so make sure to get there early if you want to grab a half decent spot to soak up the sun.해운대_5_1

The beach is a great spot due to the view of the sunrise and moonrise it provides. The road right beside Haeundae Beach is another recommended spot for a romantic view. Another attraction of the Haeundae area is its natural hot springs. Haeundae Beach is highly active for many cultural events and festivals that are going on there during the year.

The Haeundae Sand Festival and Haeundae Beach Festival are summer events and the Busan International Film Festival is an autumn event. The Sand is white and rough with sprawls out to 1.8 km in length with a width of 50m and can hold about 120,000 people. Visitor Facilities include Shower rooms, Locker rooms, Drinking fountains, Restrooms and a parking lot.

Of course there is other beaches out there that may suit what you are after better. But to me these beaches were cool for a variety of reasons. I recommend researching up on each kind of beach in Korea and see if it matches what you are after. Enjoy the great weather and lets get a tan!

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