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Top 4 Bingsu Places to Cool off over Summer

Top 4 Bingsu Places to Cool off over Summer

Summer and scorching hot sun hanging high over our heads in the sky. This is when Patbingsu, Korea’s traditional and most popular dessert start to get in high demand. Some cafes even raise the prices of these bingsu during the season, making it one of the most expensive dessert which are made out of shaved ice. Of course, there will be toppings such as the traditional red bean topping, or melon topping etc. Here are some places that serve delicious bingsu!

Dong Bing Go

Top 4 Bingsu Places to Cool off over Summer

Bingsu is the only thing on their menu, and since they are standing strong and steady, you should kinda guess that it’d be real good. During the summer season, you will most likely have to wait in queue and get a number for a seat. Other than the traditional patbingsu – red bean, they also have mixed grains bing su, green tea bing su and coffee bing su!



This chain bingsu place is everywhere around Korea! Though it doesn’t have many of the traditional kinds of bingsu, it still has the most varieties of bingsu available to satisfy your taste buds! Ranging from Black Sesame bingsu, Peanut bingsu, strawberry bingsu. Usually, this place is filled with foreigners as it’s easy to find throughout the city of Seoul!

C4 Cake Boutique


Looking for some special kind of bingsu? Then, visit here! Heard that its Milk bingsu is known to be as huge as your face, more over, the shaved ice so fluffy! This bingsu place is usually a “go” place for Koreans for first dates or on their sogae-ting (blind dates). You may want to try one of these: original milk, royal milk tea, green tea and coffee bingsu as they have limited amount per day.



Okrumong is known for their signature Green Tea Patbingsu. Not only they served lots of toppings, the shaved ice is made of green tea, and if you are a green tea lover, you will definitely not want to miss out the distinct taste of this bingsu!

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