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Top 5 Things to NOT miss in Korea

Top 5 Things to NOT miss in Korea

Here is my list of things I enjoyed to such a great extent when I first visited South Korea years ago. And I never could forget about them. So whenever friends ask me about what to do and where to go in Korea, I normally give out this 5 things to not miss, under any circumstances. These 5 things will make your trip unforgettable I truly believe. From beautiful gardens to unique items of historical significance.  You won’t be short of excitement if you at least try 3 out of the 5 things recommended in this post.



Huwon Secret Garden is the King’s garden at Cheongdeokgung Palace in Seoul that blends with nature splendidly and was used as a place of retreat by the royal family of years past. The garden, at 78 acres takes up about sixty percent of the palace grounds.

The royal family made use of the garden as a place of rest since the reign of King Taejong. They would find their way to the garden to contemplate life, write poems, and hold banquets. The garden was also used as an archery range and as the location for military drills. The standout attraction of the garden is the two story Juhamnu Pavilion, which was used as a library and for reading by the king. The pavilion is located on a small, peaceful square lily pond. Keep an eye out for it.10.Huwon-Secret-Garden-Changdeokgung-Palace-Seoul-Copy


Buam-Dong is a tucked away town just north of Gyeongbokgung that holds tons of cafes, art galleries and maybe the best fried chicken places in Seoul. A whole afternoon in Buam-dong can just whizz by doing nothing but chilling out, breezing about cathing all the art, or stuffing yourself while gandering away through this beautiful area that seems nothing like the Seoul you are used to.DSC_0057


Galbi is a variety of gui or grilled dishes in Korean cuisine that are made with marinated beef short ribs in a ganjang-based sauce, this is nothing short of heaven. Mouth watering and even when you know you are full, you still aren’t truly full, that’s what it is like to enjoy some galbi. It is the first choice of dish whenever you have important guests over in Korea. It never fails to impress. A can’t miss dish.ed64217742c0d0aa18f2538ec00fcf7d185140


Jeongdongjin is in Gangwon-do and it is just mere minutes away from Gangneung by train. It also has the closest train station to the sea.  is a famous town near Gangneung, South Korea and one of the most popular sites in Korea for watching the sunrise on New Year’s Day. There is also some unusual but very real attractions to see also, such as, an American warship from the Korean War, and an equally authentic North Korean Submarine.사진 334


Makgeolli, also known as “makkoli”, “makoli”, “makguli”, “makgoli”, “makeolli” or “makuly”, is a lightly sweet alcoholic beverage native to South Korea. It is made from rice or wheat mixed with nuruk, a Korean fermentation starter. A milky appearance with a tinge that hits the back of the throat. Great with “Anju”, the Korean word for appetizers with your alcohol of choice. It was once favoured among farmers and the working class but is now very much spoken in the same sentence as soju and beer when out drinking with friends.2011042101084_2

Do leave comments on what you believe to be things to NOT miss if you were to recommend Korea as a tourist spot to your friend.

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