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Top 5 flavoured soju you should try

Top 5 flavoured soju you should try

Non-flavoured soju has been the big player in the Korean market all these years, probably it’s because of its cheap price as well as it can be easily found in all around the nation. But as of recent years, they have been manufacturing all sorts of flavoured soju and surprisingly, it has become a bit of a hit especially with the ladies.

Depending on one’s personal taste, here are my top 5 flavoured soju which I think are worth a try for you guys too!

1. Korean Raspberry Soju (복분자)


This is my personal favourite amongst all other flavoured soju. If you dislike the strong soju smell like me, or a first time soju trier, this will be the best choice for you! The raspberry taste is strong enough to cover the soju smell, but it isn’t as overwhelming as blueberry. If you know the drink Ribena, then, you will somehow get the idea of how it will taste like, though don’t expect it to be as sweet as Ribena.

2. Pineapple Soju


After Raspberry soju, pineapple is second in my list of flavoured soju. Though the smell of pineapple is rather strong, however, the tint of sweetness in the pineapple is just the right amount to not make the drink taste weird.

3. Grapefruit Soju


Before Raspberry and Pineapple soju was introduced to the market, Grapefruit flavour was actually the first on my list. The taste has a slight bitter ting to it, with a little sweetness mixed in. However, the taste of grapefruit isn’t as strong enough to cover the original soju taste, so, for beginners, you might want to take it slow if it’s your first time trying this.

4. Pomegranate Soju


The taste of Pomegranate soju is kinda the same like grapefruit, but the taste of pomegranate soju is not as sweet as grapefruit. It somehow tastes rather bitter compared to grapefruit soju.

5. Peach Soju


Well, I don’t really think Peach soju should be on my top 5 list. The sweetness in this flavoured is too overwhelming in my opinion, and the smell of peach is very strong too. However, when you try mixing a little bit of the non-flavoured soju with this, it turns out to be suprisingly good! Though make sure you don’t mix too much of one another!

Do you have a personal liking of the flavoured soju too?

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