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Top Seoul Summer Date Spots

Top Seoul Summer Date Spots

Being a favorite of tourists and locals; Seoul is a city that has an abundance of vitality and charisma at all hours. It is a place where both old and new architecture co-operate and there is a distinctness to every other neighborhood offering a beautiful envoirment. More than that though, this is a wonderful destination for couples who are wandering around Seoul together, as there isseveral romantic spots spread over the city, like a hidden gem waiting to be unearthed. Keep on reading to find out the top 3 Summer date spots for couples to go on a date, creating special and unforgettable memories while traversing Seoul.

Seochon Village

Seochon Village is several small houses that have a sense of modernity with some new buildings while being within Bukchon Hanok Village which again adds more of a magnificent and antique ambiance. In the days of the past, Seochon Village was called home by many famous artists, and popular place for local lovebirds to enjoy a leisure stroll. Hanok houses have been remodelled into cafes or restaurants, and galleries or museums that can be found in every second alleyway. And on top of theat, there are many other attractions nearby Seochon Village that are fun to

Alleys in Seochon Village: Most of the things to see are hidden away in the alleys. Akin to amaze, not only are they fun to explore but there are also murals and adorable pictures around that serve as great photo spots.

House of Painter Lee Sang-bum: As a Modern Cultural Heritage, the house of painter Lee Sang-bum can be found in its original form as it was first established in Seochon Village. Take a trip to this house and you can experience the home of a famous Korean painter and get to see what the typical traditional Korean lifestyle of the past was like.

Common Ground

Common Ground is nearby Konkuk University. This place is massive and one helluva aneye-catching architecture coeverd all in blue color. This place is Korea’s first pop-up store built only with shipping containers, made up of about 200 large containers and has the capability of morphing into a different structure or moving to different places. The space is divided into four segments, with plenty of stores for you to browse.20160207_185423

Enjoy shopping with your loved ones: Shopping is a must-do simply when you visit the Common Ground! Unique and trendy small brands, new designers’ boutiques, and more are all here.

Visit a café or restaurant: There is a few unique interior designs to be found at the Common Ground. Enjoy a cup of coffee at a café, eat at a restaurant with a summer date vibe together with your better half.

Naksan Park

A park that is for the night! Wonderful in Summer. Well known for the magnificent night views from the top of park, visitors can get a bird’s eye view of Seoul from up there. With the soft and warm lights from the Naksan fortress, a romantic summer atmosphere can be enjoyed with your girlfriend orb boyfriend. The promenade nearby Naksan Park allows visitors to the park may choose to take a leisure stroll for about 1-2 hours and several benches are also mounted along the pathways for those who wish to wish to take a short rest. Also, the popular Ihwa Mural Village is also located in close proximity and will be a great place to explore as well.title

The rule of taking photos of people: Use the fortress walls to take beautiful pictures. Do not forget about the flowers between the both of you!

When nightscapes are the only picture to take: Focus your camera on the fortress with Seoul in the background to bring out a more life in the photo than just the nightview of the city itself.


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