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Top Things to do in Songdo Beach, Busan

Top Things to do in Songdo Beach, Busan

Top Things to do in Songdo Beach, Busan

Spring is just around the corner so it’s time to hit the beach! Head down to Songdo and there are a plethora of things to do. Choose from a cable car ride, a spin in a jet boat, make a leap off the diving platform, or simply go for a stroll on the Sky Walk.

The newest highlight which opened last year is a cable car that runs across the bay. You can choose the regular ‘air cruise’ car, or the ‘crystal cruise’ car; the crystal cars have a clear Perspex bottom so you can see through the floor. My hot tip is to stick with the regular car, as you will spend less time waiting in the queue, and you will most likely spend your time looking out the windows anyway.

The cable car is part of a remodeling experience where facilities that existed in the past are being relaunched. At the start of the Sky Walk you can see some vintage photos of what Songdo looked like in previous generations, and you will see where the inspiration has come from for the remodeling project. The cable car is the flagship of the revival and has been a great hit since it opened in June, 2017.

You can purchase tickets on the day (air: adult: 15,000 child: 11,000 weekdays: 12,000/9,000. Crystal: adult: 20,000 child: 15,000 weekdays: 16,000/12,000) or you can purchase online at , for a small saving. The tickets are return tickets, so you head across the bay and get off. You can then have a look around the point and enjoy a coffee or snack. There are some photo ops and it’s a nice place to look out over the ocean and Busan harbor.

Once you return, check out The Sky Walk. It’s a raised platform that allows visitors to walk out over the ocean and look at the cable cars passing overhead. You can simply gaze out at the ships waiting for their turn to be unloaded, or use the looking glasses to survey Yong Island across the bay. Parts of the walk are made of clear material and metal grates that may make some visitors feel uneasy (these can be avoided). However, most children seemed to be enjoying looking down into the clear water below. And best of all, the Sky Walk is free!

For those seeking adventure, the Jet Boat or diving platform are available. As well as a Banana Boat that is towed around the bay. These are all available to book from where the Sky Walk begins and package deals are also available.

Songdo also has a selection of great restaurants and the normal beach facilities: showers, beach chairs, parasols, etc.

It’s a great place to spend the day with friends or family, as there is something to keep everyone interested. And via the South Harbor bridge, Songdo is very accessible by car.
Get down there as soon as the weather warms up!

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