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Travel Korea by luxury rail Cruise ‘Haerang’

Travel Korea by luxury rail Cruise ‘Haerang’

Haerang is luxury rail cruise. Just like luxury cruise ship, Haerang is equipped with conveniences such as accommodation facilities, cafes and karaoke bars. It travels major tourist destinations in Korea.


The train starts from Seoul Station and takes the passengers to major tourist destination in Korea, including Busan, Jeonju, Gokseong, Suncheon as part of a two-day, one-night or a three-day, 2 night package trip.

The train fare is inclusive of all services and travel fees. No additional expense will be charged.





Haerang’s guest rooms range from family rooms to deluxe rooms and suite. All passenger rooms are equipped with a bed, bathroom, a TV and air conditioning.



Traveling by train is a unique travel option that lets passengers fully appreciate the surrounding countryside by taking a look outside room window.




Haerang also has shows and other recreational programs for passengers.



The dinning car is a combined restaurant and cafe with a wide variety of snacks and beverages: muffins and cookies, as well as coffee, wine and juice are available for free.

Take a journey through Korea’s most beautiful travel destinations with Haerang: comfortable rooms, hospitable staff, various entertainment programs, viewing areas, and delicious meals.

Haerang Tourist programs

One-night, two-day trip (Ssimille/Haeoreum)

• Ssimille Trip Itinerary (Southwest region of Korea)
: Seoul – Gokseong – Yeosu – Suncheon – Jeonju – Seoul
• Haeoreum Trip Itinerary (Southeast region of Korea)
: Seoul – Cheongdo – Gyeongju – Jeongdongjin – Donghae (East coast) – Chujeon – Seoul

Two-night, three-day trip (Aura)

• Aura Trip Itinerary (Southwest, southeast regions and East coast of Korea)
: Seoul – Jeongseon – Gyeongju –Busan – Boseong – Damyang – Seoul

For more information:

☞ Homepage: (Korean)

☞ Inquiries:+82-80-850-7749 (Korean, Japanese)

☞ (Korean, English, Japanese)

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