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Try One of The Various Kinds of Rooms In Korea

Try One of The Various Kinds of Rooms In Korea

students at a pc bang

PC Bang’s can be found all over Korea, and they are very popular among teenage boys. PC Bangs are very cheap, with prices being around 1,500 KRW per hour.

You can also use the computers just to get some internet access, as they all have high-speed internet connections.




DVD Bang’s is a room with all you need to watch a movie, there’s a comfortable couch, a projector, a good sound system and blankets if it gets chilly. A good place to go with your date, or your friends to get some privacy.

Usually the price to watch a movie is 15,000 KRW, though prices are usually lower on weekdays.




Noraebang is a room for singing, Norae is the Korean word for song. A often visited room by many Koreans and foreigners, and an be found on pretty much every block in Korea.

Noraebang prices range rom 5,000 to 15,000 KRW, all depending on quality and location of room.




Manhwabang is a room filled with chairs and comic books, with a big selection of comics to pick from. The Manhwabang is often visited by kids and comic geeks.

with prices going for 2,000 KRW for the first hour, and then usually 350 KRW extra per 10 minutes you spend there.




Gamebang is for playing boardgames with your friends, or playing some boardgames with your date. Though you will also find cardgames, at your local gamebang.

The price for a starts at 2,000 KRW for the first hour, and then 1,500 per additional hour you spend there.

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