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Ulleungdo: A Quiet Beautiful Rock In The East Sea

Ulleungdo: A Quiet Beautiful Rock In The East Sea

Korea is a lot more than just the famous cities and mountains, Korea also has many beautiful islands. One of them is the Ulleung island.




Created from a series of volcanic eruptions, with a peak called Seonginbong. Situated in the East sea, about 90 kilometers from Dokdo.

Level ground is not easy to find, as the inland is mostly mountain. While the shore is mostly cliffs, there is a small village though. Half of the village’s population are fishermen, so finding good seafood here is very easy.




The island has a monorail, which will take you from the Charcoal cave, to the Juniper viewpoint. with a single trip costing 2,000 KRW and a roundtrip being 4,000 KRW per person, taking the monorail to the viewpoint is highly recommended as it has a spectacular view.




Ulleungdo is known for its squid, which can be seen hanging in the harbour to dry. It’s a squid in Korea, and it’s very delicious!





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How to get there:

There are ferries sailing daily from either Mukho and Pohang,

The travel time from Mukho is 2.5 hours, with the price being between 49,000 KRW and 53,000 KRW.

The travel time from Pohang is 3 hours, with the price being between 59,000 KRW and 64,000 KRW.

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