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UNESCO Triple Crown : Jeju Island

UNESCO Triple Crown : Jeju Island

UNESCO Triple Crown : Jeju Island





This is a destination many Koreans and foreigners choose for a nice vacation or just a weekend get away.

It is the largest volcanic island in Korea, with beautiful beaches, waterfalls, caves and cliffs. A very popular destination in Jeju Island is the Hallasan National Park, with a lot of nature to explore and enjoy.




halla2 halla

 Halla Mountain is in the center of Jeju Island and it is considered a landmark.

Hiking this mountain is considered relatively easy (maybe for people who are used to hiking). To go to peak it takes around 8 to 9 hours round trip, 9,7 Km to go and than again to go back. You can stop on the way for a resting time, bathroom and snacks.



Koreans usually have some spicy cup rameyn, which kind of feels like recharging the energy.



On the way, you will find lots of stones, which can be tricky to walk on, but once you get to the set of stairs the view gets better and better.

There are some tips I learned from my korean friend doing this hike: don’t drink too much water, because it makes you sweat more and feel more tired. If you are really thirsty, you should just wet your mouth a little bit in small quantities.

Also, don’t rush into getting there since the beginning. The faster you move, the faster you get tired. Obvious but forgettable.




If you want to do this hike you have to have in mind that, since the path is not safe to do it without the day light, it is limited to day hiking and mountain entrance hours will vary by season, which means everybody should be back down by sunset.

Depending on the season, there will be many options of nature exploring in Jeju Island.



One hot spot, if you are a morning person, is the Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak.

It is located on the eastern end of Jeju and there is a big crater at the top of the Peak. People gather there to watch the amazing sunrise from the crater. If you can’t wake up for this experience, the area is also very nice to visit during day time to have a walk and enjoy the view.




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If you happen to go to the southern side of Jeju, the Seogwipo area, you should check out the Soesokkak. “Soe” means an ox, “so” means pool of water and “kkak” means the end. Flowing river meets the ocean. Here you can see cliffs of lava formations and pine trees, it is a very unique scenery. 



Seogwipo area is also well known for its many farms and tangerines!


SONY DSC jung1

If you happen to go to this area of the town, try the special Kimbap. The name of the place is  Onunjung-Kimbap, located in Seogwipo. I know you can find Kimbap anywhere and they are usually hard to be very different from each other. But this one…. this one is really good. People line up to buy this.

They put an extra crunchy ingredient that changes everything! So, if you have the chance… try it.



Jeju Island has a lot to offer, but I recommend renting a car if you are in a group of people and wants to explore the Island. Many touristic spots are far from each other and it’s not really a walking around kind of city.

It can be very romantic to go with your partner or just relaxing and fun with family and friends. Don’t miss it!





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