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Unique street foods in Hongdae

Unique street foods in Hongdae

Unique street foods in Hongdae



1. Waffle



King Kong Waffle take its name from the enormous size of its waffles. It has its main store in Hongdae with other branches found in various locations, including the Konkuk University and Sunshin Women’s University area. The menu offers a wide range of selections, including a cheese waffle, whipped cream waffle, the King Kong waffle, a mini waffle, and more.

The most popular menu item is the Mayak Waffle, where ‘Mayak’ is a Korean word for drugs. It is made by sprinkling sugar powder on a fresh-baked waffle, then placing a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream with whipped cream over it.

You should be careful not to let it fall off the skewer when you take a bite.

Menu and price:

Mini Waffle 1,500 won

Whipped cream waffle 2,500 won

Cheese Waffle 3,000 won

Mayak Waffle 3,000 won

2. Ice Cream Bungeoppang

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Bungeoppang is one of the most traditional Korean winter street snacks. It is made by pouring flour dough into the Bungeo shaped black cast iron mold and filling it with red bean paste before baking it. Bungeoppangs are traditionally filled with red bean paste. At ‘Abung’ in Hongdae, you can try a uniquely upgraded version of the traditional Bungeoppang. Customers can choose to add either red bean paste or custard cream filling into a fresh-baked Bungeoppang through its open mouth. The rest of the inside is then filled to the max with yogurt ice cream.

Ice cream Bungeoppang 3,000 won

3. Cheese-covered sweet and sour chicken



Dakgangjeong, boneless chicken pieces, is a popular street food in Korea. ‘Hong Cup’ serves Dakgangjeong in paper cups. And the price and amount vary according to the size of the cups. Once customers choose a cup size, chicken pieces are fried and mixed with marinade right on the spot. ‘Hong Cup’ also adds potatoes and rice cakes to chicken. In particular, the cheese Dakgangjeong, which has cheese topping, is the most popular menu item here.

Sweet and sour chicken 2,500 – 10,000 won

Cheese sweet and sour chicken 3,000 – 11,500

4. Whole fried squid ‘Ozzang’




‘Ozzang’ is skewed squid that is deep fried whole. In Korea, one can easily find street stalls selling deep-fried squid, but none that fries a squid whole like Ozzang. With this novel attempt, Ozzang has become a widely popular street food of Hongdae.

Deep-fried squid flavors include plain, spicy, and sweet onion.

Menu and Price: Plain 6,000 won, Spice 7,000 won, Sweet onion 7,000 won



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