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Vegan Bakery / Cafe in Itaewon – “Plant”

Vegan Bakery / Cafe in Itaewon – “Plant”

Vegan Bakery / Cafe in Itaewon – “Plant”



It is in between houses and in a small street with no other restaurants or stores around.




Once you get there, the semi-open kitchen will surprise you with nice spices smells and welcome you with a showcase filled with all those healthy – but still beautiful looking and even better tasting cakes. Gluten free and housemade specialties will prove you healthy natural food is quite delicious.

Their menu changes every day as well as their showcase. The day we visited, the menu was like this:



IMG_2427 IMG_2425


IMG_2435 IMG_2434

We tried the Lentil Veggie Burrito – the specialty of the day! It was very tasty. Also the Kale Mixed Green and Mushroom Salad, a very light meal. Afterwards, we went for Lemon Poppyseed Poundcake and Carrot Cake.

Everything was very good! If you have a huge apetite and need lots of food to feel satisfied, you might not get that feeling here. What you will instead is try really good and healthy, on top of that very well made food.




The house opens at 11am from tuesday to saturday and closes at 8pm. Around noon, it was full. With people coming and going all times. Well, it is tiny but apparently also popular.



IMG_2432 IMG_2421

This place was a project by a vegan korean blogger, who lived in many different places around the world and been back to Korea and living in Seoul for almost 10 years. She mostly writes about veg friendly places to eat in the city, recipes and other food experiences. Quite interesting selection!



Super recommended.



Address: Yongsan-gu, Itaewon-dong 63-15, Seoul

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