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Visit One Of The 3 Big Theme Parks In Seoul

Visit One Of The 3 Big Theme Parks In Seoul

Visit One Of The 3 Big Theme Parks In Seoul


With Seoul’s vast population, there is not only 1 Theme park in Seoul. But a total of 3 big ones, not mentioning the smaller ones. The 3 big ones are Everland, Seoul Land and Lotte World. All easily accessable with public transport, or via a shuttle bus service.

Lotte World South Korea

Lotte World is located near Jamsil station exit 4, the station can be reached from Line 2 or line 8.

Lotte World is divided into two parts, with an indoor part called Adventure, and the outdoor part called Magic Island. The outdoor part of the park has most of the parks rides, along with the Lotte World’s castle. The castle makes for great photo opportunities, where as the other types of attractions are in the indoor part of the park.

lotte world


Outdoors the park is known for a few famous rides such as the gyro drop, flume ride, gyro swing and the giant loof. While when you move indoors you can try the famous indoor ice rink, visit the folk museum or watch one of the parades.


The parade takes place daily at 2 pm and 7 pm. The park is open 365 days a year, and has a night ticket which is cheaper and gives you access from 5 pm to 11 pm.




Everland is the largest Amusement park in Korea, which also means it’s located outside of Seoul. But the park is easily accessible, via either public transport or dedicated shuttle bus services.

Not only is there the amusement park in the area, the area also houses one of Korea’s best zoo’s, the Hoam Art Museum and famous water park Caribbean Bay.

safari caribbean

Everland has a big selection of exciting rides to try, but not only that there’s also a vast garden to walk around in. Everland is divided into 5 sections which each has its own theme namely American Adventure, Magic Land, European Adventure Zoo Topia and the Global Fair.

Included in your ticket for Everland, is free entrance for the Hoam Art Museum, located nearby the amusement park.




Seoul Land might have a wrong name, as it’s located in the gyeonggi-do province just south of Seoul. getting there is still easy, as the line 4 goes all the way there. Just get off at Seoul Grand Park, and follow the directions at the station to reach Seoul Land.

Seoul Land was the first amusement park, located in a beautiful scenery as Mount Cheonggyesan is visible throughout the whole park. The park also features a whopping 40 rollercoasters, making it a place to visit for a rollercoaster aficionado.

seoul land

Seoul Land is also known for its various seasonal events, as well as their laser show which takes place in the evening after it gets dark. If you’re seeking other things rather than just thrills, nearby you will find several other attractions.

As the Seoul Grand Park, National Museum of Contemporary Art and Forest Bath Resort are all located nearby Seoul Land.

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