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Visit the Seodaemun Independence Park

Visit the Seodaemun Independence Park

Seodaemun Independence Park is a park near Dongnimmun Station on line 3, easily accessable from exit 4 & 5.

It’s built on the former Seoul Gochiso, also known as the Seoul detention camp. The camp was used to imprison Korean independence activists, during the Japanese occupation up until 1945.

After the Japanese occupation, the camp was turned into a prison used by South Korea up until 1987. After the prison closed, the area was turned into a memorial park to honor the sacrifices of the martyrs.




With admission being free for the park, and easy to get to by public transport, is a great place to visit to learn about South Korean history.

In the park you will find the Seodaemun Prison, Independence Gate, Remnants of Yeonggeunmun Gate, Patriotic Martyr Monument, Independence Hall, Independence Square and the Declaration of independence monument.




The Seodaemun Prison is a former prison, turned into a historic museum.

Here you can experience the life of prisoners during the Japanese occupation, you can enter one of the many cells. While displays show how prisoners were tortured, and how everyday life was for the prisoners.

The prison is the only attraction at the Seodaemun Independence Park that charges an admission, but the admission is only 3000 KRW.




The Dongnimmun Gate, also known as the Independence Gate, is a gate built to inspire Korea’s independence from being a Chinese tributary state. Modeled after the Arc de Triumph in Paris.


How to get there by subway:

take the line 3 to Dongnimmun station.

After you arrive at Dongnimmun station take exit 4 or exit 5.

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