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Visit the Yongsan Electronics Market For Your Electronics Shopping

Visit the Yongsan Electronics Market For Your Electronics Shopping

South Korea is known for being a high-tech country, and with being a high-tech country also comes good options for shopping for electronics. Seoul has such a place, it’s called Yongsan Electronics Market.

Located near Yongsan train station, it’s very easy to get to from all around of Seoul. Here you can find pretty much any electronic item you can think off, among the 3000 shops located in the Yongsan Electronics Market area. The market is the place to go if you’re looking electronics, as they are generally 15-30% cheaper than at retailers.



The variety of electronics, going from appliances to LED signs to digital cameras. Sellers will let you bargain for the price, which means you can get an ever better price than what is displayed on the sign. So if you’re on the look for the newest DSLR at a cheaper price, you should definably visit the Yongsan Electronics Market.



Not only can you buy the newest and cheapest electronics in Yongsan, there’s also a big shopping mall called I’Park Mall. I’Park Mall has everything you expect from a regular mall, such as plenty of shops for clothes shopping, a food court, a cinema.

But I’Park Mall is also connected to both the Yongsan KTX Station and the Yongsan Subway station, making it a transit hub as well as a shopping mall. What’s also different about I’Park Mall is that on the top floor, lies the e-Sports Stadium. The e-Sports Stadium is operated by Ongamenet, and every week broadcasts e-Sports tournaments on Korean tv and on the internet to the rest of the world.



Operating hours for the shops are usually 10 am to 7 pm, though it will vary from the different stores and malls.

Some salesmen might come off as rude, as some of them tend to have very aggressive sales tactics. Though if you feel offended you can just walk to another store, with a normal salesman. Or if you are unhappy about the price or service, there will be a store nearby with a cheaper price and better customer service.


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